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Monday, February 14, 2011

That damned Arrow

What's Mallard raving about today?

Rush Limbaugh, Valentines Day.

Nope. He'll be the one saying that Democrats and Liberals are enemies of America and must be stopped, no matter what it takes.

And then if someone actually takes it upon themselves to kill someone for that reason, he won't understand how he could possibly have been at all responsible.

Mallard, you are quite possibly the least intelligent mouthpiece imaginable. When you dumb things down like this, it's hard to believe you're capable of running your own Autonomic Nervous System.


Tog said...

Bruce Tinsley's Three-Step Program to Success:

(1) Stay the course.
(2) Repeat the mantra "I AM NOT WRONG. YOU ARE. NOT ME. NO, YOU." at the people pointing and laughing. You're not a fool; they are simply jealous.
(3) Stay the course some more.

dlauthor said...

Isn't it weird that Tinshley can always remember when Valentine's Day is, but Veterans Day continues to slip past unnoticed? It's not like he's any more sober in late January than in late October.

Steve-O said...

In fairness to Tinsley he's speaking to his base here, and boy is his base stupid. A drug-addled, portly, sex-tourist blowhard completely defines their political party and they're completely okay with it.

Frank Stone said...

Having apparently given up on trying to impress Sarah Palin, Brucie has now moved on to trying to ingratiate himself to El Rushbo. Maybe he figures Rush will buy him lunch at a fancy restaurant, where they'll split a bottle or three of that $2,000 wine that Rush favors.

Keep dreaming the dream, Bruce -- because, frankly, that's all you've got.

deepbeep said...

So that's what Mallard hallucinates during the DTs?

Relevant: I've been seeing this artwork around San Francisco lately. Personally, I think Republican figures are terrifying people for more petty reasons -- ratings and/or money -- but the fact remains that we shouldn't be demonizing our countrymen.

rewinn said...

So ... according to today's "comic" ... when rightwingers tell you to buy guns and ammos to defend America, they don't mean you should actually SHOOT anybody with them; you're supposed to use make love to somebody with them.

No wonder Chantel left!

Bill the Splut said...

What The Duck?! AAARRGGHH Not a THIRD week of this crap!

Hey, Bruce, I know you hate anyone with even the simplest level of edumactions, but surely even a stupid-and-proud-of-it dolt like yourself has heard the phrase "Methinks he doth protest too much." You wouldn't keep beating this dead horse into its constituent molecules if you didn't know inside that YES, when you encourage crazy people to take up arms against their "enemies," you are complicit when they do.

deepbeep said...

rewinn, why do you think Chantel left? She routinely disappears for months at a time, because Tinsley forgets that he has recurring characters.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

On the bright side, no "Malentines." Unless Tinsley drunkenly forgot about the newspaper lag-time, in which case, we can all look forward to an edifying March!

Kip W said...

Isn't it sweet that Mallard is spending Valentine's Day displaying his crotch to "Tee Vee," the only one who truly understands him? I could just huck up tears of joy.