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Thursday, February 10, 2011

That damned Tolerance

What's Mallard raving about today?

Higher Education, Tolerance.

And now we've segued from the Big Lie about a study to the bogey man of "tolerance".

It's indicative of Mallard's audience that putting "tolerance" in scare quotes is assumed to resonate as a horrible thing. Most people see tolerance as something to strive for. Mallard sees it as a shackle on the free expression of his feelings.

Mind you, this is the same Mallard Fillmore who would bleat about his First Amendment Rights if he were criticized for expressing those feelings, so, you know, we're grading on a massive curve here.


Toots McGee said...

Ah, the old standby. Let's break out the ponytailed professor to drive this one home:

"Okay class, since we've proven that none of you will learn anything*, we can finally abandon that whole pretense and I'll show you all how to be homosexual communist muslims and how to spit on soldiers! Who wants some heroin?!"

*something I heard somewhere about something I didn't read

Tog said...

All roads lead back to LIBRULZ IZ DUM.

Kip W said...

The only thing we're supposed to tolerate is conservatives, who are free to spout any sort of violent or racist invective they want, because if we can't tolerate intolerance, then we're bad little straw liberals. Also, we should respect their religious and social PC platitudes, such as the one about how we're the only ones who have them.

David in NYC said...

Shorter Mallard (hard to do, I know): If you won't tolerate my intolerance, the terrorists have won!

WV: abili. What Brucie gives the officer who pulls him over for drunk driving.

Sarah said...

Who needs a big vocabulary to be offensive?

rewinn said...

Did you notice how much space Mallard gives to the Republican takeover of the House of Representatives?

Or CPAC this week?

Or anything that really means anything?

It's almost as if he doesn't put in time studying politics.

deepbeep said...

I graduated from the University of California, the boogieman he's probably referring to. The closest thing to being taught "tolerance" was an ethnic studies class I chose as an elective (I could have just as easily taken another social science). So even at the evil UC, there was nothing close to a "tolerance-based curricula".

I was, however, introduced to many things for the first time: homosexuals, minority groups, immigrants, intellectuals, atheists, Muslims, Objectivists, socialists, people with differing opinions. Once I was exposed to the variety outside my home town, I was forced to expand my view of the world beyond what Rush Limbaugh was telling me. And I think that's why Tinsley is really afraid of universities.

DaveyK, you forgot the link.

deepbeep said...

Also, DaveyK, will there be a Golden Ellipses this year? Will the lack of free archives doom my favorite time of the year?

Marion Diabolito said...


Bruce works really, really hard on these cartoons of him watching TV, okay?

I think maybe he needs a break, not a lecture!