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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

That damned Report

What's Mallard raving about today?

Higher Education.

Repeating a Big Lie does not make it true, you feckless duck.

Doubling down on a Big Lie which only points to his own intellectual shortcomings is par for the course when it comes to Mallard Fillmore.

But, then again, simply opening his mouth always points to his own intellectual shortcomings.


Tog said...

Well, be fair. These strips were smeared out two weeks ago, so Batshit had no idea he was making a complete fool of himself YET AGAIN.

...Because, you know, reading comprehension has a liberal bias and all that.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Hey, here's another report Tinsley might like! Remember how Charter Schools are magically seven hundred times better than public schools without any money, 'cause FREE MARKET and I HATE TAXES?

The data also cast new doubt on the ability of charter to outperform their traditional school peers. Statewide, only 10 percent of students at charters graduated in 2009 at college-ready standards, though 49 percent received diplomas.

[Hand to ear]

I'm sorry; I was just waiting for the asshole ideologues like Tinsley to admit how full of shit they are.

dlauthor said...

These strips have the stink of Tinshley warming up an explanation for his kids a few years hence. "See, you wouldn't have learned anything anyway, so it doesn't really matter that Daddy drank your college funds! Now get back to work. Those duck crotches aren't going to draw themselves."

Anonymous said...

Back in the real world...
Let's applaud the 122 Democrats and 26 Republicans who had the guts to oppose the administration's demand to extend three of the worst provisions of the PATRIOT Act. Encouraging to see liberals and real conservatives come together to defend the Constitution!

rewinn said...

@Anon - yes, we should celebrate small victories (even when they're in the form of defeats that were not total). The "real conservative" is sort of like the classic Volkswagen - kinda cute and funky - easy to figure out, although in most cases not really great for getting stuff done - but mostly, heading for the scrap heap. I'd like one for my front yard!

AND two weeks from now:

Mallard's crotch drinks at the TV blaring: "Liberals casts votes in Congress that resulted in more government spying Hur Hur Hur!"

Rootbeer said...

Baby Boomers -- derided days ago for insufferable narcissism -- are now commiserated with for losing money investing in their childrens' educations.

This despite recent studies* that report parents pay for less than half of students' college costs these days.

* "Gallup". This is how citations work, right?

deepbeep said...

What's the point of this cartoon? Is it to perpetuate the "people with degrees aren't any smarter than us" lie?

Frank Stone said...

There are some things Brucie never learned, either. Like "Lying is wrong".

Toots McGee said...

Also, academics who are pompous, pony-tailed Marxists out to indoctrinate your children produced the study that Brucie is touting to support his point of view. How credible could its finding's be? (HA HA! I'm pulling a Captain Kirk on your logic circuit. Cue the smoke!)

Kip W said...

Rootbeer, those citations are actually put in by an assistant at the syndicate whenever Tin puts in an asterisk. He doesn't get paid to google anything plausible, so he puts in these terse little one-word things.

If they left in Tin's footnotes, they'd say:

Anonymous said...

Rewinn: Ungracious and snotty, even in small victories or when people try to reach across the aisle.

rewinn said...

@Anonymous: your most recent comment is cowardly and stupid, which is not a surprise since, after all, you are anonymous.

When it comes to "snotty", I can't hold a candle to Mallard Fillmore, which is kind of remarkable considering the state of his nasal passages. But if you had basic reading comprehension skills, you would have applied neither adjective to my comment.

Thanks for making my point!