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Thursday, February 03, 2011

That damned Wheel

What's Mallard raving about today?

Baby Boomers, Education

I usually refrain from making snarky comments that could be construed as alluding to the alcohol issues of unnamed hack writers of fifth-rate propaganda scribblings. Today, however...

Can anyone name someone who has no use for (or access to) social justice, love, sex, or wheels?


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Boomers think they're the best. Also, they think they're dumb because they went to public schools. Also, Tinsley's riding that last brain cell pretty hard.

Tog said...

It's as if all of Batshit's "issues" are melting together into one incoherent sloppy mess of pissant hatred.

Get the popcorn ready, kids. 2011 could be the year.

NickE said...

Damn middle-aged kids nowadays, with their hula hoops and their Kylie Minogues and their public schools and colleges and their not being as racist as their parents and their awareness of their moral responsibility to help the destitute and their realization that Sarah Palin is just a backwoods idiot with a PR agent.

Get off my lawn!

Kip W said...

The thing is, the Boomers protested the Vietnam War, laughed at Nixon, and made fun of Reagan's wife. Want to know what's keeping pot illegal? THEY MADE FUN OF REAGAN'S WIFE, DAMN IT!! They're waiting for the last Boomer to drop dead first so there's no chance of any of them enjoying a legal toke.

Speaking of Duck and Cover, maybe we could collect donations to buy Mallard a lap blanket. If his cloaca wasn't cold all the time, he might be less of a sourpuss.

Kip W said...

Well, I've been in this conversation before. Maybe ten years ago, on Usenet, one of the evil Boomers said:

'I don't know of -any- of the people I was involved with, associated with, or knew to one degree or another during the 60s and 70s who doesn't understand that, despite what we accomplished, there was much we did wrong.'

This brought a brave, gallant response from a selfless Gen-X with lots of quote marks to burn up:

'Okay, let's see a list. What do *you* think that "you of your generation" did "wrong"? And what are "you Boomers" doing about each of them now?'

And with that, the "background" music "started" swelling up, and the "lighting" changed, and I knew I had to "SING..."

For the crimes of all the boomers
We shall pass a stern decree
They'll make a little list
A blame-the-boomers list
We'll demand that they indict themselves
And take the rap for me
And write a little list
Or else I will be pissed:

There's the crime of being born too soon
And breathing all the air,
There's the shame of hearing Elvis croon
And growing silly hair
The sin of booing Nixon
And insulting Reagan's wife,
The evil of our druggie ways
And dissipated life,
And the smuggest of offenders
Those environmentalists
They'd better write their lists
Or I will shake my fists.

(Chorus: We must write a little list
Yes, a very thorough list
And if anything we've missed,
Our keesters may be kissed!)

deepbeep said...

Public school in the 70s was a creation of the Greatest Generation! What are you trying to say?!

Faldone said...

Lessee... If we take "public school" to mean K-12 and assume an age of 18 at graduation from high school and that "public school in the '70s" means graduating from high school in 1975 then our guy who went to public school in the '70s was born in 1957 and is now maybe 54. That might not be important but it is pretty special.

David in NYC said...

@Faldone --

I just took it to mean that Brucie knows as much about math as he does about everything else -- nothing.

If we stipulate to the extreme of "public school in the '70s", i.e., this Baby Boomer graduated high school in 1970, that means that he was born in 1952 and is turning 59 this year.

Or perhaps Brucie is just projecting, and his typical Baby Boomer WAS born in 1946, and thus graduated high school at 24.

Either way, just further proof, where none was needed, that Brucie is an idiot.

Frank Stone said...

Re the disconnect of saying that someone who's turning 65 attended public school in the '70s: Either Brucie can't do math or he's insinuating that Boomers are so stupid that they had to continue their basic schooling well into their thirties.

Given the history of this strip, I'm going with the first option.

rewinn said...

Every time I read you guys or your kind factually demolishing a reichwing screed, I can just see Tinshley or Sarah or Rush bawling, "Oh you think you're so smart!"

I understand the Koch Brothers and Newt and the other rich parasites; they have a pretty cool lifestyle, except for the soullessness.

But their followers are merely proud of being stupid.

Kip W said...

Faldone, your figures almost fit me. I'm 54 now. I was born at the end of 1956, and graduated in 1974, at 17. Somebody the other day said they're counting folks as late as 1960 birth date as Boomers.

So there's one class of people Tin hates. Born between around 1945 and 1960 in a rather large demographic bump, for which more schools had to be built and so on. Everybody who's between 50 and 65 now, with some extras tacked on both ends for special circumstances.

Whole lot o' hatin' goin' on.

David in NYC said...

@Kip --

The official Census Bureau definition of Baby Boomer is someone born between 1946 and 1964. I, too, am part of that generation, born in 1950, turned 60 last December.

So, there's even more in Brucie's hate group than you thought. And, apparently there's a fair amount of self-hate, since Brucie is himself a Baby Boomer, having been born in 1958, and (probably) having gone to public school in the '70s.

Kip W said...

He won't be the first self-hating Boomer I've seen, but he might be the one with the best reason.