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Sunday, February 20, 2011

That damned Dollar

What's Mallard raving about today?

George Washington.

Are these Americans the same Americans who need a break instead of a lecture?


DiR said...

Yet, you feel compelled to put him on money, so your readers might have a ghost of a chance of knowing who it's supposed to be.
Ahhh, but do they know which denomination of dollar he's one, hmmm?
Hint: it's not the $40.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Calvin: I think we've got enough information now, don't you?

Hobbes: All we have is one "fact" you made up.

Calvin: That's plenty. By the time we add an introduction, a few illustrations, and a conclusion, it will look like a graduate thesis.

Tinsley is far more lazy and unimaginative than an underachieving six-year-old.

DiR said...

Plus a professional-looking clear plastic binder, FHMC.

Tog said...

Another strip that's incredible only because this is coming from Tinsley, who worships the wing whose own currency is misinformation...and who himself casually distorts reality on a regular basis.

Bill the Splut said...

FYI, Bruce, Washington's Birthday is Tuesday, not today, and you didn't need a Sunday's worth of space for a 1-panel comic.

Beef Wellington said...

By the way it's written mallard is stating washington did not infact cross the delaware.

This isn't an error, mallard is really that dumb.

Rey said...

In completely unrelated news, the teachers of Wisconsin, where test scores are consistently among the highest in the nation, are being asked to pay the state a higher percentage of their salaries so the governor can redistribute their money to wealthy retirees. See Mallard's uneducated comment on this in two weeks...

dlauthor said...

Wait, why is Tinshley suddenly mocking the Tea Party's Beckian level of historical ignorance?

deepbeep said...
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deepbeep said...

It must be even harder when a hack cartoonist depicts you as Bozo the Clown.

It looks like Tinsley is latching onto the "we're not as smart as we used to be" trope. To the contrary, I think Washington would be quite pleased. I'll gladly compare today's average American to their 18th century counterpart. Heck, I'll even limit it to white people. Go ahead, grab an agrarian off his plow and quiz him about 16th century figures. Or algebra.

dlauthor: Wow, you made a Mallard Fillmore cartoon laugh-out-loud funny for me. A feat indeed!

Steve-O said...

well...uh..this is..

I got nuthin...

You guys covered everything.

Thanks for that.

skip said...

Rey said ..."In completely unrelated news, the teachers of Wisconsin, where test scores are consistently among the highest in the nation, are being asked to pay the state a higher percentage of their salaries so the governor can redistribute their money to wealthy retirees."

Don't let your liberalism guide you through life. Learn the facts before you post. Possibly you are simply ignoring the facts.

Factinista said...


Well gee, how can you argue with airtight logic like that?

CW in LA said...

Rep. Wilson?

Maybe skipped-a-chromosome would care to explain how Rey's accurate summary (as far as it goes - they're being asked to surrender their right to bargain collectively, too) is a lie?

skip said...

The events in the state of Wisconsin mirror those that happened in Greece several months ago.

We are witnessing the abject hostility of a unionized entitlement class that is being lauded by the liberal left, seemingly to include our President.

In Wisconsin the union public sector workers are being asked to contribute at least some or possibly a bit more for their health coverage.

Collective bargaining will only be allowed for salaries not benefits.

The state of Wisconsin has a budget and there is only so much money in that budget. They cannot print more money like the Federal government can.

If the state needs more money they must raise taxes which those in the private sector jobs must pay. Seem fair to you?

CW in LA said...

Wisconsin had plenty of money - a surplus, in fact - until Gov. Wanker gave ludicrous tax breaks to the obscenely rich. Now he wants to pay for this on the backs to the state's employees. Sounds like redistribution of wealth and class warfare against the middle class.

And yes, restoring tax levels to where they were before Wanker's sleight-of-hand is eminently fair.

Taxes are what we pay for the upkeep of a civilized society. If paying them so desperately offends you, move to Somalia.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Shorter Skip: "we can't afford to pay public workers a living wage--billionaires needed that money! When will the left stop its evil Class Warfare?!?"

MartyRotten said...

Gee Mallard. I didn't know most Americans were home schooled.

DiR said...

Are you suggesting that they balance the state budget by increases state taxes on... state employees? eeeysh-maguh.
I recognize that Republican dogma is based on a lack of fundamental understanding of how things work, but that's a new one.

But yes, you unwittingly stepped on the central point here: Republicans went in, trashed another budget, and now they are demanding that public workers shoulder the results of it. Seem fair to you?

rewinn said...

Ever wonder why Koch suckers like Skip talk about Greece and not about Iceland?

Iceland - which followed the conservative paradigm right into the toilet - is never spoke of. Greece OTOH which was the victim of financial manipulation is cited as an example of public servants going crazy. It's almost as if reality doesn't serve the conservative propaganda line so, like the Soviets before them, they simply invent their own reality.

Latest news: Koch suckers organize to infiltrate the rallies to generate bad press, but are stupid enough to post their plans on the internet. Expect major coverage on Breitbart, Drudge and Fox!

MEANWHILE: was there a new Mallard Fillmore today? All I can see at the link is a child's picture of a dollar bill with some illiterate scribbling.

rewinn said...

BTW objective observers will note that every fact cited by Rey was not contradicted by a single statement by Skip:

*test scores in Wisconsin are consistently among the highest in the nation (Skip didn't refute this)
* teachers are being asked to pay the state a higher percentage of their salaries (BTW they already agreed to do this)
* the governor can redistribute their money to wealthy retirees (Skip didn't refute this, because it's true)

PRO TIP: hey Skippy, if you want anyone to believe you, you've got to respond with facts. You didn't. You lose.

ALTHOUGH - Rey did get one this wrong.

We didn't have to wait two weeks to see what Tinshley will write about on this. Skip's already copy-and-pasted the party line. Now if he could draw a duck crotch watching TV, he could work for King Features!

rewinn said...

And ... for another does of reality ... a letter from a Wisconsin prison guard ...
...who Skippy thinks is overpaid.

Kip W said...

Wisconsin Gov follows Gop playbook: "Oh boy! My stupidity has brought on an emergency! TIME TO DO WHAT I WANTED TO DO ANYWAY!"

Stupidity = giving away the money
Emergency = not having that money he gave away
Wanted to do = kill unions

Kip W said...

ps: Have a look at Sunday's "Gasoline Alley" strip for a comparison. Scancarelli shows us a dialog between Honest Abe and George Washington, both of whom resemble the historic character they represent, and who have real facial expressions that reflect what they're saying!

In other words, a ghost-drawn strip that dates back to Woodrow Wilson's second term has bitch-slapped Tinsley, artistically speaking.

Rootbeer said...

I suspect Bruce Tinsley may actually believe that George Washington lives inside of dollar bills.

It's kind of creepy to have a living thing inside your wallet, right? That's why Bruce is so eager to go to the bar to get rid of them as quickly as he gets them.