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Thursday, February 24, 2011

What's Mallard raving about today?


Big talk for someone who didn't even comprehend the study he cited.


Tog said...

The image of a young man with a hole through his head not only constitutes the most effort Tinsley's put into his work for years, but also encapsulates every aspect of his school of thought(lessness):

- Everyone who disagrees with Tinsley is an idiot;
- Everyone younger than Tinsley is brainless;
- Everyone who questions what Tinsley mistakenly believes should be shot in the head.

YOU didn't read the study, Tinsley. YOU'RE the idiot. Glad to clear that up for you.

Oh, if only you were as vocal about everything as you were about your opposition to the invasion of Iraq...

Toots McGee said...

No, the evidence that the duck is "anti-higher education" is found in the incessant pissing all over education and portaying educators as stupid liberal straw men to "illustrate" a variety of vague, whiney viewpoints.

The misreading of the "Academically Adrift" study is evidence that the duck can't or won't read anything and is blissfully unaware of how idiotic he looks when his ignorance is scrawled across the page.

This strip is basically the equivalent of "I know you are but what am I?"

dlauthor said...

I think your inability to put together an argument that a freshman high-school debater couldn't dismantle in six seconds is actually a better indicator that you and education are, at best, hostile acquaintances, Tinshley.

Also, your hatred of teachers, students, schools, colleges, and anyone with an IQ that, unlike yours, has an actual third digit.

Rootbeer said...

That's the worst caricature of Gabrielle Giffords I've ever seen.

Kip W said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kip W said...


Don't know much about history
Doesn't care about geography
Don't know much about science facts
Doesn't know his drawing lacks

But he knows what he hears at Beck's,
And he knows who writes his checks
What a wonderful wingnutty world!

Don't know much about kids today,
Doesn't know what people say,
Don't know not to shoot from the lip,
Never learned no penmanship

But he knows how to bitch and whine,
And his talking points toe the line
What a wonderful wingnutty world!

[reposted with slight edit]

rewinn said...

Now Kip: if only you could draw a duck crotch, you too could work for King Features!


P.S. "a lot of email" WTF? yeah, I'm sure Tinshley got THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of emails (* rolls eyes *) from people pointing out that the study doesn't say what you claim it does. That is to say, that he's a liar.

But why should that be different from any other day?

P.P.S. the Snott Wanker saga is just getting funnier and funnier. I can't wait for Mallard Fillmore to join his attacks on teachers and librarians. Maybe he'll cite to Are you sick of highly paid teachers?

Tob said...

Mail? What happened to Twitter, Batshit?

ThinkProgress: FOXLies didn't like the results of a poll showing a majority of Americans support the teachers in Wisconsin and oppose Scott Walker's assault on the unions, so FOXLies reversed the numbers. In the last seconds of FOX & Other Liars (AKA FOX & Friends), they 'fessed up for the sake of deniability.

(The ThinkProgress article also compares educational performance between states where teachers have bargaining rights, and those where they don't. It's illuminating to say the Tinsley will go to any length to ignore it, sniveling little coward that he is.)

Tog said...



Frank Stone said...

Bruce Tinsley is attacking other people's sense of logic.

Once again, the only laughs to be found in "Mallard Fillmore" are the unintentional kind.

Paul Smecker said...

Suck my dick.

Kip W said...


I'll take "Things That Are Funnier Than This Strip" for $200, Alex!

ajm said...


Egads, I despise "Toddlers and Tiaras" as well. And I'm not going to start pretending I enjoy it simply because Tins doesn't.