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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

That damned Apostrophe

What's Mallard raving about today?

Apostrophes, Big Government

Hey Mallard, you know what people like a whole lot less that Big Government?

Arrogant ass hats who correct grammar just because it makes them feel superior, to cover for the fact that they are totally deficient in virtually every other area of their lives.

Plus, it takes a special kind of ass hat to criticize people for use of apostrophes when they have invented their own form of ellipse.

I'd also like to point out that people need a break, not a lecture.

And, finally, shouldn't you be looking for a job?


Tog said...

I must confess that (while I surely make more than my fair share of mistakes) I'm not a fan of the "awww fukkit" approach to writing. (It's especially galling to see articles posted on my favorite liberal blogs that clearly haven't been proofread. I can't make fun of GET A BRAIN MORANS wrongwingery in good conscience if people on my side are being equally DURR HURRRR.)


Mallard, it's not really a campaign if no one else knows about it. I vaguely recall you bringing this up once in the past decade; perhaps if you mentioned it more often than you call women "pop tarts," it'd have some chance of success.

Now let's talk about asterisk abuse...

Frank Stone said...

Hey, Ducky, you know what else has been going on for ten years and hasn't accomplished anything? Your endless bitching about everyone and everything you hate.

Anonymous said...

Mallard apparently doesn't care about the continued abuse of all logic and common sense. Then again, he's been proving that on a daily basis for years now.

WV: conch. Much like one of these lovely seashells, one can put Mallard's skull to their ear and hear the sounds of the ocean.

Kip W said...

Mallard self-righteously continues to abuse everything except the apostrophe.

Bill the Splut said...

Five four-dot ellipses, a run-on sentence, randomly inserted lower case "i"s, and while he carefully spells "its" correctly without an apostrophe, the whole word is in lower case.

Thanks for the lecture, Perfesser Duck!

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Let's not forget his belief that it's completely unimportant that his "poetry" come even close to properly scanning as long as he can cram a forced rhyme in at the end.

rewinn said...

Every federal program ( whether good or bad ) exists because someone (fairly or unfairly ) care enough about it to get funding through Congress.

If Mallard Fillmore were a federal program, there would be some constituency ( however small ) that cared about it.

It's not.

There isn't.

DiR said...

"Save the Apostrophes"? ANYONE have a bloody clue what the fuck he's on about?


WV: Badow. No clue, but I'm stealing it as an onomatopoeia.

Beef Wellington said...

The first paragraph of the second pannel sums up mallards entire strip run, "Hasn't accomplished anything".

Steve-O said...

I guess all the problems of the world have been solved so Tinsley's moved on to

Either that or he's just being a dick again.