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Monday, April 04, 2011

That damned Soup

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Soup.

One presumes this was written in response to events in Libya. Mallard will, no doubt, soon follow the trajectory of his Right Wing counterparts and criticize President Obama for taking action against Libya, after criticizing him for not taking action on Libya.

The inconsistency in his position will, of course, be President Obama's fault.


Tog said...

Well! Looks like someone finally got his talking points from the boss!

"Stop trying to think, dumbass. Just remember that no matter what Obama does, it's WRONG. Even if we were bitching that he WASN'T doing it last week! That was then!"

Kip W said...

And so Soup Week begins.

Tomorrow: Which spoon to use?

exanonymous said...

If Libya's unrest is not directly due to us, and has no direct effect on us, then we damn well better get world opinion and more information before we start taking military action. I like my tax money intelligently spent, and stuff that goes boom is expensive, or else everyone would have fun military weapons.

But I'm a hippie who thinks that nuclear weapons capable of destroying all life on earth 100x over is a bit much.

dlauthor said...

Tinshley: Stupid soup! There's almost never any alcohol in it!

Anonymous said...

The neo-cons can't dispute that they loved every war Bush and Cheney started, and they're in no position to criticize Obama's wars. But shouldn't we at least be consistent and oppose Obama's illegal war? Or is everything Obama does right?

Raynfala said...

Will said soup be somewhat absorbed by Obama's mustache?

Frank Stone said...

Why is Obama on a train?

Oh... OH! I get it. It took squinting at it from 2 different angles, but I was finally able to interpret it: Brucie wanted to attempt an establishing shot by drawing the top of the White House, but he was too lazy to draw the columns.

I guess he figured that he'd get paid either way, so why put in the extra effort? Gotta love that Republican/Libertarian/WhatTheHellEver work ethic.

Steve-:O said...

Why is that thing that looks like a table talking? It makes this "comic" even more incomprehensible than usual.

Bill the Splut said...

So...the strip would be the same if it were drawn using either Bush before either Iraq War? Even Dumbya tried his fake "Coalition of the Billing" before attacking.

Oh, right, hypocrisy's cool.

rewinn said...
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rewinn said...

What I love about today's "comic" is that it shows just how wide is the reichwing disconnect from reality.

Whether you love Obama or hate him (or even have a more nuanced view, recognizing that he has pluses or minuses), any study of his course of action since entering public life shows that he thinks about stuff. You may or may not like his ultimate decision, but he always makes decisions on time and after thinking them over ... a process that may annoy the shoot-from-the-hip crowd, but is firmly entrenched in Obama's style.

Mallard Fillmore appears to have about a three-week lag between drawing and publishing. The idea that Obama would have waited three weeks before deciding to go into Libya or stay out is completely disconnected from Obama's history; whether one approves or disapproves of his ultimate decision, to predict that three weeks would go by without a decision is just about guaranteed to make one look stupid.

And that is "Stupid" as "in a stupor" which, after all, is quite likely the state in which this "comic" is customarily drawn.