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Friday, April 01, 2011

That damned Delusion

What's Mallard raving about today?

Liberals, Head Start.

I know the one in Panel 4 is by far the most delusional.


Tog said...

Death Panels? Laffer Curve? Innocence of Eliminationist Rhetoric? Teabagger Tidal Wave o' Triumph? Tax Cuts for the Top Two Percent, Creating Jobs?

Doesn't matter! No matter how often Tinsley is proven so incredibly wrong...

"I'm not delusional! YOU ARE!!!1"

Kip W said...

Wikipedia seems to indicate six or seven studies 'for' Head Start and two or three 'against' it. Obviously, Tin can choose his own reality and then rail against any who don't agree with it, just as we can point out that the last time he was right was probably on an April 1. He's a stopped calendar.

Anonymous said...

A new study shows that tax cuts for the rich and subsidies for oil companies causes economic collapse and recession.* The Republican Congress votes to cancel Head Start, thereby saving a very small fraction of the costs.

*This citation meets Mallard Filmore standards. April Fool.

Anonymous said...

The last panel is not a grammatically correct sentence. I suppose Tinsley was "Left Behind."

Rootbeer said...

You guys have heard about "3allard 3illmore", that site that takes comics and recontextualizes them by removing the fourth panel, which contains the punchline?

This strip work particularly well in that format. I think I'd like to see Tinsley move this comic towards being about residents of a mental hospital who spout absurd non-sequiturs.

I mean, intentionally.

Tog said...

OH! I totally forgot Birtherism! How could I forget, now that Donald Frump has the teabaggers all frothy about it again.

But them teabaggers is "just plain folk," right, Tinsley? Not delusional at all!

Steve-O said...

I've been wondering for years if Tinsley is just a paid DNC troll. This "comic" pushes me closer to that belief. What possible benefit is it to your side to attack fucking Head Start? It truly makes him look like a bigger dick than we already know he is.

(Then I realize that the dumbfuck Republicans already tried to de-fund Head Start and it pushes me back to the "Tinsley is just a dick" camp.)

rewinn said...

1. Since today's "comic" is basically the same as yesterday's, my comment is basically the same: The actual study shows that Head Start "doesn't work". What it shows is that Head Start doesn't work better than other preschool programs.

2. When kids attend Head Start, ya know who DOES work? Their parents.

3. The reichwing used to use some kinda subtlety in attacking working people, but now they don't even bother. It appears that they think they are so far ahead in the power game, that they don't need to pretend ... and they might be right. In a world where 400 Americans hold half the wealth of our nation, the Aristocracy may be able to drown out the rest of us by paying their media.

Unlucky for them, their paid hacks aren't much better than Mallard Fillmore, and people are getting sick of them.

CW in LA said...

"Unlucky for them, their paid hacks aren't much better than Mallard Fillmore, and people are getting sick of them."

I believe the Tinsh is actually less obnoxious that the obese pervert on the radio who's become their standard bearer. So I see your point.

Frank Stone said...

Hey, kids! Revealed at last! The secret formula for becoming a moderately successful right-wing hack cartoonist! Follow these three easy steps and you, too, can become adored by gullible, intellectually lazy conservatives* and be taken seriously by just enough newspapers to be considered a conservative "balance" to "Doonesbury":

1) Latch onto a nugget of conventional wisdom that conforms to a belief you already hold, some willfully-misunderstood study, or even an outright falsehood, and proclaim it as though it were fact.

2) Milk step 1 for a week of strips.

3) Repeat whenever the mood strikes you, even if (heck, especially if) the item from step 1 has been thoroughly debunked.

Or you could have a life.

*Oh, sorry -- that's redundant, isn't it?

rewinn said...

LOL at me. I meant to write:
The actual study does not show that Head Start "doesn't work". What it shows is that Head Start doesn't work better than other preschool programs.
but I left a "not" out. Ah well! Mallard Fillmore leaves out the word "not" in almost every strip (if you know what I mean)

Marion Delgado said...

rewinn, the quotes around "doesn 't work" made your meaning clear enough for me. I think that's a good use of scare quotes :)