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Friday, April 22, 2011

That damned Information

What's Mallard raving about today?

Fox, Mallard, Information.

Panel 1: Boss, our viewers say Mallard Fillmore gave them information they didn't get from other networks. None of it was true, but it upheld their prejudices and gave some validity to their darker impulses, so it made them feel better.

Panel 2: I prefer our current "copy other networks news judgement" policy. After all, now that we're a wholly owned subsidiary of GE, we don't have any actual reporters of our own. They might, after all, report on things GE does not approve of.

Panel 3: I didn't know about that.

Panel 4: Surely you didn't think our "ignore whatever Fox is reporting" policy was our only policy? That policy only helps us avoid reporting blatant falsehoods.


Tog said...

Bruce Tinsley once again demonstrates his blind hatred of basic American principles by scrubbing his tongue along the boots of a propaganda mill resembling the Soviet Union's TASS News Agency--with a political bias more obvious than that he ascribes to legit news organizations--and suggests it is The One True Source.

Information they don't get from other networks? What, you mean stuff like "What If The Birthers Are Right?" That's not "information," Bruce.

deepbeep said...

I'd like to know, what FOX News stories have been ignored by the rest of the media? Every time they fabricate -- er, report -- something, it gets discussed on every other outlet. The only difference is that while FOX News says, "Obama is a secret Muslim!" every other outlet says, "Obama: a secret Muslim? Two partisan hacks debate, with no moderator."

And Mallard is butthurt about that? Since FOX News viewers have consistently been shown to be the most ignorant on basic facts, maybe more outlets should "ignore whatever FOX News is reporting."

BigFatHeart said...

Look at those stupid networks, just reporting the exact same news as other networks. Why can't they just report the exact same news as Fox News? That's what Mallard does, and he's beloved by fourteen people! Admittedly, most of them were probably fans of this site who want it to stick around to mock, but still, why can't they all be more like Fox News

Rootbeer said...

Fox News: Some people say Barack Obama is a secret Muslim!

MSNBC: One of our network personalities expressed the opinion "those who say Barack Obama is a secret Muslim are poorly informed"; we have terminated our relationship with that person and apologize to those that were offended.

Fox Business: How is Obama's secret Muslimhood hurting American businesses?

CNN: Is Barack Obama a secret Muslim? We asked you on Twitter, and here's what you had to say.

BBC World & al-Jazeera English: (report on actual news instead of this nonsense)

WFDR: (is a local over-the-air broadcast station, doesn't matter)

Kip W said...

Indeedy, the likelihood that WFDR is a sterling exemplar of digging for the news and reporting it fearlessly is small, and not only because it exists entirely within the Tinsley universe. Their chief sources of news are probably checkout counter magazines, Drudge, and (now that summer approaches) the fun facts printed on popsicle sticks.

Still, as long as they don't repeat FOX, they can at least be happy that they're not actually below the bottom of the barrel.

Steve-O said...

Tinsley is conveniently ignoring the fact that while people who work as reporters consider themselves politically liberal (as a large majority of people with college degrees do, most copy editors and program managers consider themselves politically conservative (inexplicably, to me anyway).

Well, he's either ignoring it or he doesn't know it, considering he lives in a talk radio, FoxNews bubble.

rewinn said...

did Fox "News" report that at Tax Day rallies, the anti-Tea Party ralliers vastly outnumbers the Tea Party ralliers?

When the anti-bank rallies get more people (as for example, here) that the Koch Brothers can bus in to DC this year, it's clear that there's "news" going on but it's not being reported on Fox. Or, for the most part, on the corporate media.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Rootbeer, have an Internets. Enjoy it while you can; under the Trump-Palin administration, America will probably succeed in un-inventing electricity.

Randy said...

OT for today, but, it looks like Tinshley's been trying to get some design work done for his site.

DiR said...

It must be fun to live in a world where you can prove a negative.

Jack: The roof's leaking!
Bush Appointee: No it's not. We looked into it, and it's not.

Marion Delgado said...

daveyk the funny is back!

That said, it's now COMCASTGENBC. Which i guess makes the cable news thing COMCASTGENBCUNIVERSALMICROSOFTBC

WV: rephized What you get after watching tv with no pants and pouring Scotch in your scuba rebreather.