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Thursday, April 21, 2011

That damned Percentage

What's Mallard raving asbout today?

Himself, TV News.

It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I will always confess to it: While I would not say I found today's Mallard Fillmore funny per se, I recognized a joke in the effort.


Tog said...

Tinsley, once Great Champion of TROOTH TO POWARRRRR!!!1, quietly and indirectly acknowledges that he is utterly irrelevant.

BigFatHeart said...

Have to say I agree; felt a chill go down my spine as I read it and realised I'd let out a slight laugh. Still worth noting that it takes the set-up of tricking you into think he's being self-deprecating to start with, before giving a punchline that sneaks a 'Just kidding, I'm actually fantastic' into its 'Old media is dying on its ass' message.

Randy said...

So, Tinshley, how many people are still reading the newspapers, and how many of those do you think would call or write to get you back? Fourteen or so?

Raynfala said...

Alright, I'll admit it: I cracked a small smile.

Next up on Ten Impossible Things That'll Happen Before Breakfast: The Apocalypse!

Rootbeer said...

Take THAT, broadcast television!

By the way, Diane Sawyer has about fifteen times as many viewers as Fox News's most popular show.

I am impressed, though, that Sloe Ginsley eventually remembered that he was in the middle of a storyline where Mallard had been let go from his job. Several months later, and after drawing a number of strips that appeared to show him back at work.

rewinn said...

While there is, indeed, the ghost of a joke here, it would have been better if the math had worked.

14 is 38% of 36.8421052631579.

I appreciate that WFDR may have only 38 or 39 viewers, but who is the viewer?

Would it have been so hard to have used a calculator and come up with a pair of numbers for which the math worked, e.g. "14+40%"?

Kip W said...

He said "approximately" 14, so I guess he felt a cold draft on his ass in time to cover it.

He left the real glaring error right out there, though. 14 isn't the number of viewers who want him back on TV: it's the number of readers who give a shit about the strip.

deepbeep said...

Let's not be overly critical here. If they had exactly 37 viewers, then 14 / 37 = 0.3784, which rounds to 38%.

And credit where it's due, this is a pretty goddamn decent comic! It's the rare breed of Mallard Fillmore comic that isn't complete rubbish. And best of all, the message isn't "hate hate hate" -- the center of the joke (if I understand it correctly) is that the news media is fragmented nowadays. That's a theme that everyone can relate with, and doesn't marginalize anyone! Bravo, Tinsley. Let's hope tomorrow's comic is as good.

deepbeep said...

Never mind, I just read today's comic and he's sucking FOX News' dick.

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