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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

That damned System

What's Mallard raving about today?

Teachers, Unions

I'm sorry, so now becoming a teacher is a punishable offense?

Kudos, I guess, for dropping all pretense.


Toots McGee said...

Yeech. It pains me to follow his logic.

Frank Stone said...

Don't worry about it, Toots -- logic and Bruce Tinsley have been strangers for years.

WV: uncepl: How Brucie describes being ejected from his favorite watering hole. (e.g., "Whadaya mean I'm bein' too disrupiv?? Leggo! This's uncepl!")

Ukulele Ike said...

Oh, my goodness. I'm afraid I don't understand today's strip at ALL.

Neo Tuxedo said...

The return of an old friend.

Neo Tuxedo said...

...and I just noticed: the strip that's detourned in the above link was commented on by our host in real time.

WV: revab, what I wish Blogger provided a better ability to do to comments.

rewinn said...

If Brewsky isn't going to go to the effort of coming up with a different joke than yesterday's, then I'm not going to go to the effort of coming up with a different reply.

But on the subject of expelling students, let me state for the record that the day that my 2nd wife's son discovered he could get out of school by misbehaving was the last day that he felt any need to do any schoolwork at all.

And - for a bit of fun that is infinitely more creative AND true than an entire year of Mallard Fillmore:
"I Pay Taxes, Why Don't Corporations?"

Tog said...

Nothing to add. This strip is completely insane.

But speaking of insane: teabagger Rand Paul just gave a speech (well, lecture) before the Senate about Ayn Rand and CFLs. As is to be expected of Daddy's Special Little Boy he got almost everything wrong, but you already know about facts and how they can't be trusted because of their liberal bias.

So expect an "epic" story arc from Tinsley in two weeks.

(Source: Talking Points Memo)

DiR said...

Wow. Just wow.

First: or to put it in a much better and widely-used way, "last hired, first fired."

Second: The atrocious penmanship required me to read this twice to understand what he was saying.

Third: boy, I wish I could be this bad at MY job, and know I won't get fired.

Kip W said...

Because of "apples," we will now require "oranges."

Ha ha! I just socked it to those grapes.

rewinn said...

It occurs to me that Tinshley is not a member of a union. Therefore he must kiss up and suck up to the people with the money. Actual service to his audience is completely irrelevant.
When teachers don't have unions, the most important think is kissing up to the principle. Sometimes that may be more than an expression.