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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

That damned Spelling

What's Mallard raving about today?

Colonel Gaddafi, President Obama

Day two of Mallard's "President Obama is bad because he isn't acting" narrative.

Already replaced by Republicans with the "President Obama is bad because he acted" narrative, of course.


Tog said...

Time makes fools of us all, but Tinsley faster than most. (Apologies if someone's already done that one. Time makes a fool of Tinsley a LOT.)

HEY KIDS!! Tax deadline's nearly here! You know what THAT means! The 2011 Mallard Fillmore bitches-about-taxes strips! Featuring Withholding Tax Refund Yay Strawman! And Clueless Greedy IRS Agent! And, no doubt, Stoopid Obama and Wide-Eyed Innocent Teabagger! Whee!

Randy said...

You have to be pretty seriously humour-impaired to write a comic strip featuring an anthropomorphic duck*, and not see the possibilities in "Qa-Daffy" and the like here.

* I mistyped that as 'dick' at first. I guess my fingers know better than my brain does!

NickE said...

("Quaddfi"? Tinz, you couldn't even bother to proofread your crap and catch the missing "a"?)

The users of your spellings, clockwise from top left: England, the New York Times (except they include the "a"), MSNBC, and the L.A. Times.

Yes, I see what you did there. After looking over the four "liberal" spellings, Obama settled on MSNBC. In the last panel, you decided on the Fox News spelling, because -- you know -- Fox is always right and Obama's always wrong.

With all the ripe-for-the-picking crises going on in the world 2-3 weeks ago -- radiation leaks and Japanese hero workers going to their deaths to save others, Libya, Afghanistan, the destruction of a century of collective bargaining rights -- you spoke Trooth To Power on the difficulties of phonetic spelling.

You're like a two-year-old; you could fight over DIRT.

Kip W said...

Panel two: Mallard Fillmore taking bold, decisive action in moving his butt slightly to avoid bedsores.

rewinn said...

"...("Quaddfi"? Tinz, you couldn't even bother to proofread your crap and catch the missing "a"?)"

Good catch, and yet more evidence that King Features isn't actually paying serious money for this garbage; it's basically providing a host website pretty much like dozens of free web comic hosting services.

DiR said...


Craaaaaap, I forgot all about my taxes. Blargh.
Fun Fact: Did you know that the IRS gets to keep all the money you pay, if you owe taxes? It's true! Watch, MF will say so in a month!

Why is he Colonel, btw? Don't absolute dictators gives themselves a few ranks when they assume power? Like Super King Bignuts?

exanonymous said...

Count on Mallard Fillmore to equate "Bold, decisive action" with "doing stuff immediately without considering consequences."

The Bush/Cheney failure seems to be mainly that they kept trying to force reality to fit the single scenario they thought through. That's not making a decision. It's not even bold. Delusional is a better word.

David in NYC said...

@Tog --

And don't forget the inevitable (a) "rich people are persecuted because they pay all the taxes" and/or (b) "poor people get all the breaks cuz they don't pay any taxes".

Conveniently leaving out that (a) rich people pay more taxes cuz they make more money (though their taxes are nowhere near in proportion to their earnings), and (b) poor people may not pay income taxes, but they sure as hell pay other taxes, like FICA, Medicare, sales tax, etc., etc.

Given Tinkley's usual lag time, expect these strips sometime around May Day. The "Eek! May Day is socialist/communist!" strip will, perforce, appear around Memorial Day.