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Friday, April 08, 2011

That damned Phrase

What's Mallard raving about today?


Whereas for Mallard, overuse of adjectives is just plain normal. As are petty grievances.


Tog said...

(1) Pick popular phrase.
(2) Bitch about how it's overused.
(3) ????

Meanwhile, in the real world, Japanese citizens (and their close neighbors) are surprisingly unconcerned about CFLs.

Kip W said...

Don't spoil it, Tog! I'm waiting for him to sock it to those dunderheads who say "Solid, Jackson!" and "23-skiddoo!" all the livelong day. Slackers!

dlauthor said...

Other phrases Tinshley is tired of:

"Give me your keys."
"Last call!"
"License and registration, please."
"Step out of the car, sir."
"You have the right to remain silent."
"Jesus, Bruce, you smell like puke."
"Mommy, why did Daddy sleep on the bathroom floor last night?"

Anonymous said...

Mallard Mad Libs:

_________(Word or phrase that I hate) is very popular. Lot's of people say ________ (Word or phrase that I hate). Don't you wish people would quit saying _________(word or phrase that I hate)?

(Punchline is optional).

Steve-O said...

That last comment above was mine.
Hit the wrong button.

Frank Stone said...



So what failed stand-up comic is writing Tinsley's material these days? Or did he actually devote precious hours of his "research" to this transcendentally relevant phenomenon?

rewinn said...

@Frank - you didn't use the Mallard Fillmore Dictionary:

Research (v): to drink

rewinn said...

In breaking news, guess who besides Bruce Tinshley has a coupla DUIs and a job:

the son of a Scott Walker campaign contributor!.

Said son has no experience or even a college degree, but he *does* have a $80,000/year state job ... in the middle of what Walker calls a financial crisis ... anyone wanna bet Mallard Fillmore is critical of this?