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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's Mallard raving about today?

Taxes, The IRS

Let me be the first to cal "bullshit" on Mallard and his delusions of grandeur.


Anonymous said...

Awwww, come on, not even a scrawled-out footnote? Surely hundreds of news sources must have covered 'Drunk Cartoonist Rambles About Harassment To Man In Bar; Soils Self And Cries'!

Tog said...

Seriously. BULLSHIT, Batshit.

There's a huge difference between "the IRS told me to pay my goddamn taxes or face legal action," and "I'm the victim of a government conspiracy...because I SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER!!" But if it puts lead in your pencil to fantasize being locked in a dungeon and sharing a cell with Bill O'Falfel, dropping soap several times a day, more power to you.

(1) Batshit doesn't even get respect from his own creations, and is butthurt over it. SAD.
(2) Even Mallard is incredibly disinterested in Batshit's whiny bullshit.
(3) Batshit apparently inks with a pencil. Somehow.
(4) It's the return of the handbutt, crapping out a pencil nub! Ew!
(5) What, no mention of NewsMax, Sarah Failin' Flailin' Palin, or Newt? They'd probably be mad...if they were aware of Batshit's existence.

Randy said...

And, of course, let's not overlook the obvious, that the drawing (sort of) handbutt certainly doesn't deny sitting around in his underpants doodling all day.

LawnBoy said...

Ahhh... the joy of post hoc, ergo propter hoc.

There's no reason to assume that there's a connection between your criticize the sitting president and your being "harrassed" by the IRS (whatever that means).

Lots of people are audited every year. It shows the weakness of your thought process that you assume a motive.

Steve-O said...

Egad! The black helicopters are coming for Bruce Tinsley to haul him off to the FEMA concentration camp! All because he was critical of the Kenyan Messiah!

Hey Bruce, Glenn Beck called, he wants his Schtick back.

Side note: Stop trying to draw hands Tinsley, just stop.

dlauthor said...

Man, every time I see that anatomical pencil-excreting nightmare, it makes it clearer why Tinshley's drawing is so appalling. The man doesn't even know how to draw a pencil.

Bruce, for the last time: you got audited or whatever not because the darkie in the White House hates you, but because you can't declare those empties as business expenses.

WV: louster . I'll just let that one lie there.

Kip W said...

Yeah, delusions of adequacy aside, I'm transfixed by the mucous-like glob with the pencil emerging from its ass (symbolic, perhaps, of how Tin craps out his strips). We criticize the man for not using models or photos or any other sort of reference, but look! Those things won't help. He has his hand literally in front of his eyes every time he draws, and he clearly doesn't even know what that looks like.

Good thing for him he lucked into that Wingnut Welfare, eh? He could farm the writing out to Jack Elrod and the art to Cathy Guisewhite, and he'd still get those fat checks coming in.

Bill the Splut said...

Kip W:

I am offended that you think Mark Trail and Cathy are inferior to Mallard Fillmore! Seriously, the only worse strip was Dick Tracy, until it was recently taken over by a competent art team. This strip could be written and drawn by a retarded wombat and it'd be an improvement.

WV: caress; what Tin-Ear does to himself when he thinks about Rush and Bill being aware he's alive.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Actually, I seriously want to know in what way Tinsley thinks he's been persecuted by IRS goons for his courageous politics of sucking-up-to-power. That story ought to be way funnier than anything else he's ever done.

Frank Stone said...

WOW. Just when you thought Brucie couldn't crank up the crazy any more, he combines a persecution complex AND a paranoid delusion. Bravo, Brucie. Bravo.

Steve-O said...

I came across this "gem" today. It's a live-chat with Tinsley from May, 2009. Try to read it and not laugh and cry simultaneously.


He says Limbaugh is too liberal for him.

DiR said...

Meanwhile, in the Secret White House, located beneath the shark tank at Sea World. In the cavernesque Chambre of Liberal-Sharia Heroes, ordaned under the ever watchful gaze of the 20" tall obsidian statues of Clinton, Carter, Micheral Moore, Che Guevara, and Janeane Garofalo's Vagina. Sitting upon his Throne of Hating America, Obama is alone, stroking a purring white persian long-hair cat, staring into the roaring fireplace, venomously tossing another Bible into it's ever-ravenous maw.
Behind him, the Royal IRS Harassment Czar continues, "And, your Kenyaness Sir, we have one Bruce Tinsey, who sometimes draws you with a penis chin and weird ears."
Blind rage flashes in Obama's cold shark's eyes, slamming his fist onto the gnarled armreast, "DESTROY HIM!" the feline hissing, as would a gator eyeing a chicken on the bayou.
"By your command."

Factinista said...

What Tinsley has had to say about Obama has never been criticism so much as name-calling. He can take his martyr complex and shove it.

Marion Delgado said...

Man, did I get that wrong. I was going to say lying scumbags spreading paranoid propaganda.

Marion Delgado said...

The TinsleyChat was horrifying mostly because of the sycophantic "questions" that were obviously all they allowed through.

KMD said...

Actually I have to applaud Tinsley for how self-aware this strip is.

Yes, his work can probably be best described as "doodling", and his claims are so ridiculous that even HIS OWN CHARACTER clearly doesn't care what he says.

rewinn said...


AIDE to PRESIDENT: "Sir, you have been attacked in print by a comic strip with a conservative bent."

OBAMA: "The Wizard of ID? That one's a classic!"

AIDE: "No, sir, this is the one with a talking animal."

OBAMA: "Prickly City?"

AIDE: "No, sir, this one has a talking duck."

OBAMA: "A duck? A talking duck? What a gigantically unoriginal idea!"

AIDE: "None-the-less, sir, shall we unleash the hounds of the IRS upon drawer of the talking duck?"

OBAMA: "Uhm, I'm kind of busy with three wars, an economy, Congress, an election, judicial appointments, a budget ... a talking duck, you say? Does anyone read it?"


I'm trying to figure out how the Heritage Foundation was supposed to have been harassed by the IRS for criticizing a president, and all I could find was an article in the Moonie Times stating as a fact that it happened. The evidence is that the Clinton Administration IRS auditted some 501c3's but odly enough, this was never mentioned in Clinton's impeachment. You'd think if it had actually happened, the GOP would have tagged him with it.

Kip W said...

Bill, if my comment makes more sense to you substituting "Six Chix" (except for Wednesday) for the writing, and "Reply All" for the art, consider them substituted.