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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thad damned Clone

What's Mallard raving about today?

Wooly Mammoths, the 1%

Mallard has completely bought into the Fox Propaganda talking points that this is about an entitlement or a desire for everyone to have equal wealth as opposed to everyone wanting a fair shot.


Tog said...

Exactly. Once the ratio of wealth-control reaches a certain stage, it's stopped being about the pursuit of one's own wealth and happiness and become a pathological desire to deprive others of wealth and happiness. Like a greedy child who won't let anyone touch "his" toys even when he's completely bored with them. MINE!!!

Batshit is incapable of understanding this.

DiR said...

Just like how everyone is pissed that only the 1% can afford an elephant. Which are exactly like a mammoth. And exist. Which makes your little analogy fucking stupid.

Anonymous said...

And missing the point that the million-plus "bonuses" on Wall Street are stolen from my IRAs and 401ks. And they would even more if those who want to "privatize Social Security" get their way.

Bill the Splut said...

This strip proves once again that Mallard possesses the wisdom of SOLOMON*!


Frank Stone said...

Yes, Mallard -- because a wooly mammoth is just like an iPad. EVERYBODY'S gonna want one! Jeezus.

Here's an ethical question: Should a brain-damaged, rabidly partisan hack like Mallard Fillmore be allowed to have a job reporting news? (I vote "no".)

rewinn said...

Contrast the ugliness of today's "comic" with this true story:

The actress and model Jennifer Sky had to give up her career several years ago because of a crippling illness, but now she's back on our radar... and we can all thank the President. The former Maxim and Stuff cover girl says she was denied insurance for years due to "pre-existing conditions," but the recent health-insurance bill trumpeted by Barack Obama saved her.

Diagnosed years ago with non-cancerous tumors that chewed up 60% of her liver, Sky was dropped from the Screen Actors Guild insurance plan because she couldn't work to keep up her dues. Separated from her husband, she was accidentally dropped from his insurance and hit with a retroactive bill of $19,000 in medical costs. And so began an epic process that included her being rejected by Blue Cross for her pre-existing condition.

By the way, having your chest cut open is not the only way to be determined un-insurable. Pregnant? That's a pre-existing condition. Ever seen a therapist and been prescribed antidepressants? You have one, too. Susceptible to chronic urinary tract infections or kidney stones? You guessed it. Asthma? Ditto.

In fact, it wasn't until our government passed the health care bill I so often hear referred to -- with a derogatory slur -- as "ObamaCare" that I earned the right to be covered under the new Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan. [Lemondrop]

C said...

Yeah, but that's Obummer soshulisticly taking away your FREEDOM to be denied access to health care by your pre-existing condition!

Is Tinsh trying to see how many talking points he can clumsily tack onto this mammoth story? I thought this was an unequivocally fascinating story until Dickish Duck proved it too can be made to suck.

Kip W said...

Tinsley thinks he's great at predicting what liberals will say. Need I add that he also thinks he's funny?