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Friday, January 13, 2012

Those damned Departments

What's Mallard raving about today?


Once more, Mallard, The USPS is not breaking and/or losing stuff with any regularity for anyone but you.

I leave it to you to come up with a logical explanation.


deepbeep said...

Jeez, they delay the shipment of one Real Doll, and you never hear the end of it...

Tog said...

Free Market Version: Google "UPS throwing box video."

And another serving of copypasta from the laziest swine in the funny pages today.

dlauthor said...

Tinshley, if that guy you bought bathtub gin from on Craigslist didn't package it properly and label it fragile, that's not the post office's fault.

Rootbeer said...

Who jumps on things in that posture? Nobody. Anybody who tried would quickly find themselves falling on their ass.

Seriously Bruce, you've been paying the bills with cartooning for two decades now. Take a damn figure drawing class!

Kip W said...

Truly the epitome of conservative hyoomer! Year by year, you force the Postal Service to get by with less… then you criticize how well they can do the job!

If only it was a private monopoly, like Ma Bell used to be. We'd see some service then. (As "Ernestine" said once, "We don't care. We don't have to.")

Frank Stone said...

Since I usually see the strip in the paper first, and thus in black and white, I thought that Brucie had drawn a slant-eyed, buck-toothed caricature of a japanese man. Then I remembered that Brucie can't even draw caricatures of ethnic features that are worth beans, so I squinted harder and was barely able to make out the shapes of the eyes that he'd intended, so I guess he's off the hook for that.

And it looks like he's finally nailed his new formula for success:

1) Copy and paste one of his scribbles for the first half of the strip.
2) Scribble something else for the second half of the strip.
3) Profit!

Steve-O said...

What the hell Tinsley, did your wife sleep with the mailman? Your seething hatred for the USPS is really bizarre. Is this a right-wing meme I don't know about?

Factinista said...

Who else thinks that the USPS singles out Tinsley because of all the garbage he says about them?

DiR said...

If he hates the so much, why does he keep using them? There are no fewer then 2 international shipping companies in operation today.

The answer, of course, is that USPS is the cheapest option; often by far.
But he's right.l Let's kill them off. I, for one, can not wait to pay $2 to mail a letter. Or $20 to send a small box to the next city.

rewinn said...

The USPS pays decent wages.

That's reason enough for the America-hating rightwing duck to attack.