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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Those damned Kids

What's Mallard raving about today?

Kim Jong Un

Mallard Fillmore's view of Foreign Policy remains as nuanced as ever.


Tog said...

#1: "Yes, Mallard. You're getting old. VERY old. Perhaps it's time to think about retiring to the scrap heap of history."

#2: "If Mallard thinks a dictator looks like an Asian child, does that mean Batshit has a sick fetish about him?"

Marion Delgado said...

dust angels for peace.

WV: rendita

Rootbeer said...

Why is Mallard reading a newspaper (magazine?) named "Kim Jong Un", and why does their cover depict a person suffering from a shellfish allergy?

rewinn said...

Perry, Gingrich and even Mitt Romney *do* look like children to me.

Angry, petulent children, waving their fists impotently.

But even children can start a housefire.

Miss D said...

Hey Brucie - You know you're getting old when you've been doing this comic for over 20 years and you still can't think of something clever to say.

rewinn said...

btw folks - today much of the web is going "black" as a protest and/or warning about SOPA and PIPA.
If you don't know what that is, just go to wikipedia ....

... when Barack Obama and Jim DeMint agree that something is a bad idea, now THAT's really remarkable!

DiR said...

Godfuckingdammit, Bruce. This shit is not hard.
Here's how you should have written it:
"You know you're getting old when you start outliving the your favorite Maniacal Dictators."
With Castro, Khaddafi, Kim Jong, Saddam, et al.
GOD you are so fucking bad at your job, it's maddening.

Kip W said...

Sat out yesterday for SOPA and PIPA. Now Obama says he won't support SOPA. Any bets on how little it will be changes in important areas before they resubmit it? So it continues.