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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Those damned Explosions

What's Mallard raving about today?

Hiring, Smoking

On this hand...a desire to avoid second-hand smoke, a desire to inform people of the dangers of smoking, and a desire to pass legislation to discourage a behavior which is know to kill people.

On this hand...hiring practices which discriminate against people engaging in a 100% legal behavior.

And on this wing...a duck who can't distinguish between the two.


rewinn said...

Who thinks that liberals run corporate HR departments, or the health insurers who charge more for covering smokers?


Anyone other than Bruce Tinshley?

Tog said...

Wait, Batshit thinks refusing to hire someone because he/she is a smoker is "common sense" (let alone legal)?

Turn in your Glibertarian badge, Tinsley.

Frank Stone said...

Brucie doesn't know what "dilemma" means.

On the brighter side, the source of his awkward use of ellipses is now vividly apparent: He just starts scrawling the text until he runs out of room, then he drops in an ellipse after the last word he scrawled, then drops in another ellipse somewhere else and finishes scrawling. Brilliant!!

Kip W said...

Goofus continues to stare fixedly ahead as small spiders begin to make webs on his beak.

Gallant, overcome by sympathy for poor, beleagured cigarette smokers, sends up a plume of smoke that means "darn shame" in the language of the Ojibway Indians.