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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Those damned Pears

What's Mallard raving about today?


However, as Mallard pointed out recently, all of College Football must be completely disavowed, because of Penn State.


MuddyRiverLover said...

Well, a random drawing does seem a little too fair. I expect Mallard would prefer a drawing weighted heavily in favor of college football's "One Percent" conferences--SEC, PAC-10, and so on.

Kip W said...

I guess 2012 is the year Tinsley slips the surly bonds of humor and comprehensibility for good.

Bye byeeeeee!

Steve-O said...

Finally! Tinsley's disembodied liver emerges in protest!

DiR said...

Oh my god, Who. The hell. Cares.

No what's even more useless then professional football?
College football.

rewinn said...


Did Mallard hear a Minnesota fan yell "Gophers!" and think it was "Go Pears"??!?

Today's "comic" is just badly written. There are plenty of goofy-sounding mascots (WTF is a "Nittany Lion"?) so if the joke is not improved by inventing a non-existant goofy name ... it just makes the reader stop and try to remember what college has the Fighting Pears. And even that is a distraction from the main line of the "joke" which is something about a silly means of organizing postseason play.

But we should not think too much about this; it's obvious Tinshley didn't.

P.S. remember when Mallard was pushing Scott Walker for higher office? It looks like there's money missing from the office he last held...

Marion Delgado said...

He doesn't even know sports.

He doesn't even know sports.

The list of things he could know is shrinking every year.

What have they done the last few years? Gave in to the requests for playoffs. Banned teams for fairly minor infractions and taken away their status. expanded and consolidated to make leagues more even. The idea that the BCS bowls are arbitrary is, itself, evidence Tinsley is just phoning it in. His little pets, Boise State, aren't going to be excluded even if they win all their games anymore, for instance. Honestly, a Mr. Man like Tinsley seems to imagine himself shouldn't shoot off his mouth if he can't do better than a random non-sports-follower

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