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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

That damned Season

What's Mallard raving about today?


Most of what they say should land them in a lunatic asylum.

It's a sad comment on the Republican Party that, instead, they appears on televised "debates".


Tog said...

As usual, you're waaaaay late, Batshit. Mittens and Neutered have been shooting their mouths off far too much for several weeks now. An embarrassment of riches, or a richness of embarrassments, depending on one's point of view.

("Obama's campaign" makes more sense, by the way. "Obama commercials" sounds like GM hawking their new truck on the teevee. But you don't grasp the distinction, being a drooling moron and whatnot.)

Steve-O said...

Yeah dipshit, it's call a primary. They're running against each other, what are they supposed to do, say nice things about each other?

Apparently Batshit forgot about 1999 when W and Turdblossom were busy running commercials in South Carolina insinuating that John McCain had a black baby out of wedlock. (OH NOES!)

Kip W said...

Don't worry. They'll all be best buds again when the only other alternative is to work with a Democrat.

rewinn said...

Again, there is the germ of a joke here, and it's neither actively hateful nor factually inaccurate. That makes it the best Mallard Fillmore script ever.

However, the editting is terrible; the joke is spoiled by have about twice as many words as it needs.

And the graphic is pointless. Why call this a comic when it's really a twitter?

Anonymous said...

You're being generous. Actually, 95% of what 75% of the GOP contenders say is crazy. The remaining 25% is Ron Paul, whose ideas like peace and ending the drug war are ridiculed by "conservatives" as insane.

CW in LA said...

Ron Paul's worked hard at keeping his crazy swept under the rug, I'll give him that.

Then one of his acolytes like that Tucci maniac a couple of months ago will turn up and hold out Paul's 200-proof, 24-karat, Grade AAA crazy for all to see.

rewinn said...

Both Anon and CW have good points. The shreds of rationality that Ron Paul presents to the world are derided by the rest of the GOP as crazy, whereas his crazy is just typical modern Republicanism ... the sort that Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower fought against.

Anonymous said...

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