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Monday, January 16, 2012

That damned Facial Expression

What's Mallard raving about today?

Mitt Romney

Jeez, Mallard. You can't even draw the letter "o"? Even for you that's a new low.


DiR said...

...Okay, that's sorta funny.

Be reasonable, DaveyK! There's so much dynamic art crammed into each and every one of his strips, somethings have to be compressed a little, just to make room for the three-point horizons and the rich detailing of every one of his distinct characters, veritably popping off the page with their depth of life they all bestow upon us, the reader, receiving our daily dose a pure MAGIC.

Tog said...

After a whole week of strips featuring copypasta of a character's head (which itself has never displayed more than three or four "looks," ever) Batshit has the gall to suggest someone else is expressionless.

I'd say that took balls, but Batshit squirreled it at the last moment by hastily scrawling a half-assed second Mallard head to demonstrate exactly WHY a worthless hack copypastes to begin with.

But hey, it's all good. Here's where Batshit begins openly campaigning against Romney, just like he did against McCain.

Batshit is the flip side of my old man, who voted for Reagan, bitched incessantly for four years about his policies, then voted for him again, spent the next four years bitching, then voted for...well, you get the picture. Batshit, on the other hand, is the wrong-wing's "Nader voter;" loyal party member and all that but if only everyone else would follow him off this cliff, everything would be awesome!

Kip W said...

He MOVED! Mallard MOVED!! Look, he changed position today! Do I win something? Or at least get my picture on the front page for spotting it?

(The second thing there is Mallard, right?)

rewinn said...

It's too bad that the adequate (...not "good" but "adequate" ...) writing of today's "comic" (...not actually a comic, but gimme a break...) is spoiled by the lazy "artwork" and "lettering".

DaveyK's point could be taken farther: why is Tinshley even TRYING to put the word "To" in the extra large graphic font? He failed in the attempt by screwing up the letter "o", but if he'd succeeded, he'd have put nonsensical emphasis on the word "To".

This is more proof, as if we needed any, that King Features offers zero editorial support to "Mallard Fillmore". Server space is too cheap to measure; it costs them nothing to host him.

Frank Stone said...

By slamming Romney today, Brucie has probably just guaranteed him the Republican nomination. Congratulations?

And Mallard, you haven't changed your expression since -- well, it's been so long, I forget. What's your point (other than the one on top of your head, I mean)?

Anonymous said...

So, if he doesn't like Romney, then who is he going to vote for in November? Obama?

Kip W said...

He might secretly vote for Obama. With a Republican in office, all he can do is whine that the Democrats aren't rolling over and submissively offering their hindquarters quickly enough.