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Thursday, January 19, 2012

That Damned Title

What's Mallard raving about today?

Kim Jong Un

Mallard, you draw a cartoon Duck (badly), mangle the English language, and make no sense despite feeling as if you are the spokesperson for America and/or Conservative America.

You're hardly in a position to criticize people with delusions of grandeur.


Tog said...

And we're back to the copypasted head. Also, Batshit's own mind associates Kim Jong Un with "cute," so it's safe to say his Asian fetish is in full bloom here.

ajm said...

Tinsley suffers from delusions of adequacy.

Kip W said...

Goofus has been staring at the exact same crystal ball for so long, he is widely believed to be dead.

Gallant shows a little initiative, and as a result is now the hereditary leader of North Korea!

Toots McGee said...

Mallard's 2012 New-Year's Prediction # 26:
Something Joe Biden said three years ago will be repeated this year.

Mallard's 2012 New-Year's Prediction # 27:
Teachers will continue to be greedy hogs at the public trough.

Mallard's 2012 New-Year's Prediction # 28:
Liberal college professors at a journalism school near you will continue to teach "the media" to ignore things that stick in Mallards craw.

Mallard's 2012 New-Year's Prediction # 29:
An androgynous looking woman wearing a NOW button will hold up a sign of dubious credibility.

Mallard's 2012 New-Year's Prediction # 30: MF will cite 15 items originating from Brent Bozell's Media Research Center.

Mallard's 2012 New-Year's Prediction # 31: Dirty endoscopes from a VA hospital will invade Mallard's colon on Memorial Day.

Mallard's 2012 New-Year's Prediction # 32: President Obama will declare the NCAA a terrorist organization for not establishing a Division 1 football playoff.

Mallard's 2012 New-Year's Prediction # 33: The 1% will continue to ignore Bruce Tinsley's application for membership.

Mallard's 2012 New-Year's Prediction # 34: Mallard's Holiday Tip series will beging in October and will feature the first fruit cake joke in three years.

wv: endspuif, the sound of a dirty endoscope invading Mallard's colon

Neo Tuxedo said...


*falls over laughing*


...Toots, will that internets be carry-out or delivery?

rewinn said...

Today's "comic" might almost have worked, if the whole nonsensical "Predictions" copypasta had been left out.

Didn't Tinsley waste a week last year "celebrating" 15 years of doing this stuff? And still he's not any good at it.

Anonymous said...

Mallard can't make predictions about what Biden will come out with - he manages to astonish one and all almost daily. Cf. telling a San Francisco audience the Giants will go to the Super Bowl, then explaining he meant the baseball team. Good thing he's a genius on foreign policy.

Neo Tuxedo said...

@Anon: Relevance, your honor?

CW in LA said...

No, no, Neo Tuxedo, I'm afraid you're missing Anonybidenstalker's whole point: Because, for the first time in our nation's history, a sitting vice president has said something dumb, Brews Tinshley's entire world view is therefore validated.

It's exciting news for Anonybidenstalker, too, since now when he comes around to portray the veep as an stoppable gaffe machine, he can cite something more recent than the clean and articulate one from like 3 years ago.

However, while he's here, I would like Anonybidenstalker to answer some questions about his quarry: How many illegal wars with no strategic value has Biden helped start under false pretenses? How many times has he designed a policy making torture an officially-sanctioned means of gathering information? How many old men has Biden shot in the face?

Until the answer to any of these questions is something other than "zero", Biden remains a giant of VPing compared to his predecessor.

DiR said...

Surely, that should read 'chubbiest'.

The most impportant development in NKorea in decades, and Bruce's response? 'His cheeks are so pinch-ably adorable!" Truth to power, folks.

rewinn said...

"...good thing he's a genius on foreign policy."

Well, yeah. An Executive Branch that actually gets bin Ladn and Gaddafi and most of the leadership of Al Qaeda is indeed a genius, at least compared to its predecessor.

Patriotic Americans think being a genius at foreign policy is more important than harmless verbal gaffes, unlike those people who hate Obama more than they love America.