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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

That damned egg nog

What's Mallard raving about today?

Fake Egg Nog.

Completely recycled panel artwork seems appropriate to a series of panels devoted to rants about "Holiday" fare. So steel yourself for a week of Mallard with his tongue lolling out and an unidentified fluffy white substance in front of him.

Perhaps I am just dense, but I don't see how the label saying it "contains no alcohol" could be construed as a "reference" to the fact that you need to drink heavily to tolerate it. Calling it a "warning" perhaps might have worked, but that would have required Mallard to put 2 seconds of thought into this tripe.


Edmund Schluessel said...

I suppose the irony is just a little too overpowering today.

cbrubaker said...

Bruce Tinsley, creator of "Mallard Fillmore," was arrested for DUI

TheYellowElephantBrigade said...

Someone's got a booze problem ;)

And, to comic whore, I'd like to point out a better duck:

Tinsley was the reason I started comics, since I hated his comic so.

But you know, its hard sitting there on the curb with a '40 (foety), trying to come up with an original Kerry joke.

He needs an intervention.

john said...

I could literally draw that panel in under a minute. And you know it didn't take much longer than that to write. How the HELL did this guy get this cartoon syndicated? I wish I had the chance to get my cartoons seen by so many people.

cbrubaker said...

Hey, it looks like "This Modern World" just linked you