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Monday, December 25, 2006

That damned war

What's Mallard raving about today?

Schools, government, public places, straw men.

It is depressingly un-ironic that on a Christmas Day in which it appears as though four U.S. Soldiers will never return home from a real war, Mallard is prattling on about a phony War on Religion and a phony War on Christmas; carrying water for the Pharisees and the Money Lenders in the Temple of our times.

Merry Christmas to everyone but Mallard.


TheYellowElephantBrigade said...

I hope Tinsley enjoyed his holiday in the drunk tank.

Slappy Handstrong said...

I guess that Mallard doesn't understand that private citizens have the right to read hackneyed comic strips with ham-handed religious messages wherever they choose. That it's the GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS themselves that can't endorse a religion or religious message of any faith. But this poor attempt to show the Christian injustice is still better than Mallard ranting about how much he hates pie! Just don't try to use your strawman as a designated driver. Happy Holidays, you grumpy lil' bitch!