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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Those damned centrists

What's Mallard raving about today?

The G.O.P., smarmy centrists, Pence, Armey.

It does not surprise me at all to find that Mallard feels the current group of Republicans are "centrists." In light of the recent elections, however, that certainly calls into question the claim that Mallard's "politics are a lot more like yours and mine than Peter Jennings' and Jane Fonda's."

I do wonder why he thinks they are smarmy, however.

For those lacking any frame of reference for the person named "Pence" referenced in the panel, he is an Indiana Republican. He is one of the people who was involved in releasing Iraqi documents for political reasons that had the net result of putting a primer on building a nuclear weapon onto the Internet (subscription required, but there is an abstract).

Update: Realized I had forgotten to link the comic, and in doing so, looked at it again (my eyes! my eyes!). I have to ask, can anyone suggest how one is supposed to read that last sentence, punctuated with an interrobang/ellipses combination? Honestly, is there anyone in the world who overuses the ellipsis more than Mallard?

Also, I just realized that the only reason he considers Republicans smarmy is because smarmy rhymes with Armey. That's right, this crap is poetry.


dlauthor said...

Either Mallard is enjoying a tasty cup of Reddi-Whip in today's strip, or Tinshley's too drunk even to draw a beer.

TheYellowElephantBrigade said...

That's right Mallard, you need to be even *more* right wing.

Why do papers even carry this loser?

Oh, and read my comic!

Taking Stock

dlauthor said...

The only person I've ever seen (mis-) use ellipses more than Tinshley is good old Harry Knowles, who feasts daily on the bones of Strunk and White. Assuming they're dead. or maybe not.

"Slightly better writer than Harry Knowles," however, is no kind of praise at all.

Slappy Handstrong said...

You know how at every party, there's that one loudmouth boob who's always waving their overflowing drink around, angirly spouting off their half-baked political opinions (or reasons they don't like ham) to anyone who will (or won't) listen? It gets worse as the night goes on and as this buffoon gets more and more sloshed, he starts busting out in nonsensical lymricks- he thinks he's clever and full of wit, but he just comes across as sad and repulsive. You really want to ignore this guy, but in the back of your mind you know he's going to stumble in his car and drive home wasted. You ever know somebody like that?