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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Those damned Jell-o Salads

What's Mallard raving about today?

Jell-o Salads, horse's hooves, fruits, vegetables, nuts, the relative who's not in the room.

Same artwork, same topic, same level of lameness.

Only this time we are treated to what appears to be a crazy aunt sticking her nose into a Jell-o salad...literally.


TheYellowElephantBrigade said...

There was a link to the "other characters" in the Mallard Fillmore 'verse.

They never seem to show. I sense a plot line that never came to fruition, like so many things in his hastily sketched, quite unfunny life (Mallard's, not Tinsley's)

Sourbelly said...

This strip is venturing into "They'll Do It Everytime" territory.

Anonymous said...

Jell-o salads? Apparently MF has his Christmas celebrations in the 1950s. I suppose it's more comforting for him back then.

Anonymous said...

classy moments in the "About the characters" section located here:

Chantel: "[Mallard] can tolerate her politics, but...if she says "self-esteem" one more time, he's gonna commit Chantelicide."

Oh, okay. he can tolerate her politics, but maybe on the other hand he's going to kill her.

Mallard: "...his politics are a lot more like yours and mine than Peter Jennings'..."

yes, that peter jennings. always stirring things up from beyond the liberal grave.

john said...

What terribly cheesy writing in that character page. Just awful. I found this to be amusing:

Mallard's best friend whose life's savings are invested in Dave's Diner, the burger joint where Mallard has breakfast every afternoon. Dave is one of those rare Americans who still believes in the American work ethic and can quote our Founding Fathers. This may be because he's from Vietnam."

What the heck?

TheYellowElephantBrigade said...

Wow John, that is...disturbing, and possibly funnier than the comic

john said...

Like most things in life, I seem only able to enjoy things in an ironic sense, and Mallard provides plenty of fodder for that. That's just weirdness - who eats burgers for breakfast in the afternoon? Isn't that called "lunch?"

It is strange how he can, in one breath, simultaneously extoll the "American work ethic" and imply that Americans are stupid, ignorant and lazy. Usually one has to take a breath in between contradictory statements.

Seriously, though, I feel bad for the kid named Rush. That just sucks. Dave the Vietnamese burgery-operator may have been on to something, though: he saw his kid, bald, drooling, and crying non-stop, and thought .... "Rush Limbaugh."