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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Those damned cranberries

What's Mallard raving about today?

Canned cranberry sauce.

I grant that cranberry sauce is fairly easy to make from scratch.

That doesn't excuse making me look at a really frightening woman with a gigantic cockeyed smile, who seems like a bad (even for Mallard) caricature of Hilary Clinton. That doesn't excuse drawing someone yet again with their eyes shut for no apparent reason (is Mallard afraid of people's pupils?) And it certainly doesn't excuse using the term viscous when you mean gelatinous.


Mike P said...

Most people I know who use the canned cranberry sauce slice it up. I've never actually seen it converted into sauce.

Slappy Handstrong said...

Oh my God- can somebody please stop this talentless idiot from bitching and moaning about the most banal crap?! Instalment #39????? Out of how many? What's next- checkered tablecloths? How about vegetable platters??? Oooh- did he cover salt yet? The only thing more retarded than canned cranberry sauce, is some retard drawing a picture about how much he doesn't like it. This guy was lame when he ranted about his strawman politics, but now I find myself pining for unfunny Hillary Clinton joke. Hey Mr. Tinsley- next time you decide to get liquored up and take the car for a spin, can you aim for a big tree? Please?

xfsubdv said...

It's not a dish, moron! It's a relish! If you're eating a whole jar of it on its own, there's something wrong with you, and your face, and your mother, and your minute penis and EVERYONE WHO LOOKS AT YOU.