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Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2

Hey, Mallard, don't be a nag.

That feeling you think is deep reverence for those making a sacrifice is really just wallowing in a sense of loathing based on smug superiority.


Starshark said...

How many people noticed that Tinsley's rendition of the American flag was so terrible that his colourist gave up trying to figure out what it was and coloured it brown?

Kaitlyn said...

I didn't - I thought it was a tree.

He's doing another Memorial Day strip for people who don't get him on Sunday.

Those lucky, lucky people.

Arlo & Janis did it better - they remembered the funny!

rewinn said...

"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel" --- Samuel Johnson

If Tinsley really wants to thank our troops, he'd favor bringing them home.

rewinn said...

Arlo & Janis did it better - they remembered the funny!

That's exactly right. A comic has to be funny first, and only then can the message really work. Otherwise it's just a drawing.

Here's A&J on Memorial Day

Kaitlyn said...

Today's A&J humanized the veteran without insult or mockery.

My grandfather was a veteran, but we didn't treat him as some living god thing - we painted the toenails on his prosthetic foot, dammit!

That's love.

Veteran parents don't spend all their time being "veterans" - they're still parents. I could have sworn there was a vet's day where Tinz made reference to a veteran father - where is he today? Where's the funny? The attempt at a funny?

Kaitlyn said...

Here's Arlo & Janis from last veteran's day.

rewinn said...

Treating veterans (or anyone else) as gods frees you from the responsibility of treating them as human beings.

That's how some people can fly a yellow ribbon on their SUV while opposing the new GI bill.

TY for the link to last year's A&J --- very much a classic!