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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

That damned Straw Man

What's Mallard raving about today?

Barack Obama, Government Jobs.

It must be so much easier coming up with material when you are not required to have any factual basis. You'd also think it would be possible to be funny under that set of circumstances, but apparently not.


Michael said...

It looks like Mallard could use some employment, since he's sitting at home with no pants on, watching a TV that he apparently stole from a motel. Maybe if he had a government job, he could afford a stand for it so it isn't pointed at his crotch.

Hey, where is billywitchdoctor?! Maybe he's taking it easy until the primaries are over. Spending some time on the beach. Can't say I blame him. But some day soon, the forces of good will once again be united to fight McCain!

12xuser said...

I can hardly wait until President Obama issues me my new job, and I can taste that sweet sweet government gravy. I've applied for a position in the Liberal Corps, rounding up gun owners and Christians who refuse to work for the government.

rewinn said...

There is a double irony here.

1. Reagan cut the unemployment percentage by counting federal troops in uniform as persons in the workforce. Formerly, they were not counted in workforce calculations; with one stroke of the pen, he increased the workforce by over a million and the employed workforce by the same number (since everyone in the military by definition has a job), and therefore the percentage of unemployed people went down (...although the number was unchanged...)

2. George W Bush's "51-months-of-employment-growth" includes several months of actual decline in private sector employment; only increases in government jobs resulted in job growth. (The growth didn't keep up with the population increase but that's another matter altogether.)

So today's cartoon is basically accusing Obama of acting like Reagan and Bush. I like the comparison with Reagan. That's, politically, to Obama's advantage.

Reagan. Obama.
Reagan. Obama.
Reagan. Obama.