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Sunday, May 18, 2008

That damned change

What's Mallard raving about today?

Elections, Change.

Pretty damned funny, if you ask me...and since you're here, I suppose in some twisted way, you are asking me.

That said, while one can certainly understand the reaction against change as empty rhetoric, leave it to Mallard to be against change during the first election in my lifetime where you have the intersection of a political/social/economic situation in which change is desperately called for and candidates who dramatically represent change...being from the out-of-power Party, the possibility of the first female/minority President, and one of whom also represents the possibility of a switch in terms of the generation with its hand on the switch.

In other words, even if he were consistently funny, you can still count on the fact that Mallard is always wrong.


Kaitlyn said...

The link to the comic is busted, and without your link, I deny the comic's existence.

GeoX said...

Link works for me.

Yeah, I laughed at this. Out loud. It happens. I could deal with Tinsley being dead wrong all the time if he could at least be funny about it.

NW said...

The rock is experienced? At least is appears so using the patented Tinsley Awkward Word Balloon Positioning System.

rewinn said...

I could deal with Tinsley being dead wrong all the time if he could at least be funny about it.

Well, yeah! But then again, may the problem is interpreting this strip as being a comic or some other form of entertainment.

The first job of entertainment is to entertain; the first job of comedy is to be comic. Only if it hits that first target can it go on to something else, e.g. politics as in Doonesbury.

But propaganda has no such limit. Tinsley's job is to appear to be a comic so it gets put into the comic section, sort of like those Hostess Fruit Cake ads embedded in a comic book.

john said...

Even though it's better than usual, it's still not funny. Not to me, anyway. To me, it's just another worn out gag. It's better than the usual rambling nonsense, but I need to be surprised to be funny, and this is still just the same old, same old. And the art is still abysmal.