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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

That damned discovery

What's Mallard raving about today?

Indiana, Democrats.

I think I should be depressed that the Democratic Primaries have become absurd enough that even Mallard was able to eke out a joke which is recognizable as such.


Michael said...

Columbus planting the USSR flag! Who knew?!

12xuser said...

This might be funny if it were sometime near Columbus Day.

Panel three: Sometime in the distant future. Republicans discover humor.

dlauthor said...

Also, according to legend, Indiana is home to a drunken ogre who hates everything in the world that doesn't immediately benefit him or his pet duck.

factinista said...

On one hand, the text balloon is pointing at the figure's head, which is definitely an improvement.

On the other hand, Tinsley has made it very obvious that he has never seen a picture of Columbus in his life. (Helpful tip: if a person never had a beard, don't draw him with one.)

Chris Colombo said...

Why is there a picture of a bearded man holding a golf flag in the middle of this comic?

BillyWitchDoctor said...

C'mon, guys. As if Tinny uses references!

Ironically, however, Tinny's moral enemy (and confessed Jew) Jon Stewart was on the same page last night.

GeoX said...

You mean candidates pay more attention to states when they're looking to win votes there? What a shocking development. What will we tell the children?

rewinn said...

Here's an idea: the Democrats could try having a candidate from a midwestern state ... like Illinois!

Boy howdy would that be news! And then what next? Someone from Arkansas?

Naaaah ... Tinsley's right. It'll never happen!