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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Those damned good old days

What's Mallard raving about today?

Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jeremiah Wright.

And yet, this will not prevent Mallard from decrying the fact that the Media are in love with Obama.

Because it's not important that anything you say make sense as long as it is framed as a petty complaint.


Celia said...

That is possibly the worst caricature of Obama I've ever seen. Is he melting? That's not right at all.

Anonymous said...

when did he worry about bill clinton?

rewinn said...

when did he worry about bill clinton?

Good point. Bill Clinton (who in many way I admire, although definitely not in other ways) was, in this campaign, an asset for Obama. So today's strip is even more nonsensical than usual.

Andrew said...

Wow. See, I know how Obama feels. I too long for the good old days when comics were actually funny, for one thing.

Michael said...

Who is that reading the paper? John Kerry with a tan? Mr. Potato Head?

12xuser said...

If you didn't follow Mallard Fillmore, and you didn't know that Tinsley has been slamming Obama over Wright for the last week, and you went back in time a month to when this was actually an issue, this cartoon would not be that bad. It could even be interpreted as sympathetic to Obama, if you didn't know otherwise.

exanonymous said...

You know, Republicans should learn how to help themselves. A welfare program would step in right about now, and remind them that

a) You should not herd people's opinions away from something by being negative about it (i.e. Billary) if you can't guarantee what they will chose instead (Obama, not McCain) and

b) The longer you keep a name in the paper the more likely it is that people will vote for them. Negative or postive, it is still publicity. People in mob terms won't pick the best according to a professional and balanced assessment, they'll pick something that's loud and well-known.

Keep it up, Mallard, and some of your fans might even vote for one of them come election day.

Michael said...

It's unfortunate for Rev. Wright that he's not running for president, Exanonymous. If what you say is true, he'd win in a landslide!