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Friday, May 16, 2008

That damned ambiguity

What's Mallard raving about today?

Barack Obama, The Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Ambiguity? Equivocation?

Your desire to keep scoring cheap political points is not the same thing as ambiguity or equivocation.


john said...

This strip is getting downright pathetic. Draw a duck head and a terrible caricature (also just a head) and throw in some text that isn't clever or funny at all, and you've got Mallard. It's kinda sad really.

Matt Ramone said...

Every day Tinsley makes nutjobs like Chuck Asay seem like Charles schultz.

Kaitlyn said...

Can someone explain his intent here? What is the joke and how is it supposed to be funny?

Especially since I seem to recall Barack Obama addressing the reverend long before Tinz.

And doing it rationally and maturely, without treating people like morons! Which is why he's elitist, we want to have a beer with our president, not a latte! Nevermind the spread of starbucks which means everyone's drinking lattes or even fancier coffees.

I like what someone said here about the issue, saying we all know someone who is perfectly rational, but has one button, and goes batshit insane when it's pushed.

12xuser said...


Jeremiah Wright became an issue in mid-March. A week after it blew up, Obama addressed it very eloquently, explaining the relationship it in the historical context of race relations in the US.

Of course, this won't satisfy wingnuts like Tinsley, who want Obama to say "I am the real racist, and a secret terrorist, just like you all fear". Anything short of that is seen as an evasion of the issue.

Kaitlyn said...

12xuser - Tinz's treatment of the issue feels like months, and he knows it.

Kaitlyn said...

Oh! Hey, some OT news.

Remember the Mississippi candidate endorsed by Barack Obama and attacked for that endorsement?

He won.

I know you all were dying to find out.

rewinn said...

Every time an Obama hater brings the subject up, I feel compelled to link to Obama's "A More Perfect Union" speech:



It's like opening a window when someone deliberately farts: not only does it show your feeling about the stink, it reminds you why you enjoy the fresh air.

rewinn said...

Kaitlyn wrote ...Remember the Mississippi candidate endorsed by Barack Obama and attacked for that endorsement?

Good point! Once again, the Obama haters hit him in the fist with their sharp noses!

Celia said...

Why does Tinsley keep giving him a penis-chin?

I wonder how he drew John Kerry. Perhaps he didn't. Perhaps there wasn't enough room.

Anonymous said...

John skrev:

This strip is getting downright pathetic.

I reiterate: "Getting"?

Kaitlyn said...

Rewinn - thanks for linking the speech. I couldn't finish it right now, because I'm sleepy and want to get back to watching Daily Show clips. (Laziness probably played a factor as well...)

The speech reminds me of homework - it's long, for one. It reminds me of very recent homework, in a damn good way - I had to read some of Martin Luth King's speeches for a class last semester. Reading Obama's speech strongly reminded me of King's.

Did anyone see Bill Moyers on the Daily Show this week? He talked about having Jeremiah Wright on his show, and how he is much more than the snippets on the teevee "news".

Michael said...

So what if Pete Sampras doesn't know who Jeremiah Wright is?

exanonymous said...

Skip a week and every strip is about Rev Wright.

I meant Obama.

You know, the media darling. Wait, now I mean Rev Wright. Wright's the darling because he says so many volatile things worth snipping and broadcasting. Cause he's running for president.

Wait, now I mean Obama.

DAGNABIT. I bet they're really gay lovers. And they mess around with internsCLINTONGOTABJ.

Maybe I'll skip another week.