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Thursday, May 01, 2008

That damned pastor

What's Mallard raving about today?

Barack Obama, the Reverend Jeremiah White.

Nice timing.

I'm not holding my breath for the panel on John McCain's relationship with his endorser, the Reverend John Hagee.


factinista said...

Oh wow, the anatomy on Obama's arm in panel one is terrible. How can you even hold a cellphone with a clenched fist?

If there's one possible thing I've found enjoyable about reading MF, it would have to be Tinsley's innate ability to have the worst possible timing when it comes to, well, anything. It's like clockwork!

exanonymous said...

Eh, I'd respond but my mind is still blown by Kaitlyn's links to the Mississippi ads.

My response is that Wright's craziness is old news. We all know crazy people. I'm related to some. Makes him seem more down to earth if there's a crazy person ranting in the background with him.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

But you don't call a crazy person your "spiritual mentor" of twenty-two years.

Apparently we're in the final trials of Justification Gymnastics now; be careful not to pull a groin muscle performing such unnatural contortions. Next event: trying to beat the record held by the GOP in Lowering The Bar.

As DaveyK notes, Tinny's primary sin here is, once again, one of omission; be it racist reverends, bigoted Hollywood stars, lawbreaking sports players, whatever--when a black guy does it, Tinny's all over it--but when a white guy does the same thing...silence.

I was momentarily tempted to think Tinny might break that rule this time, because he hates McCain so much, but I'm pretty sure petty bigotry trumps even party-line politics for Tin-Tin.

12xuser said...

Why is Obama picking his nose?

rewinn said...

If I didn't know better, I'd say that Wright deliberately timed the press conference that finally prompted Obama to give up on him to screw up Tinsley's strip today.

Wright had some good ideas; "The Audacity of Hope" is a phrase of genius.

But he jumped the shark. And Obama, who had gently reproved him in his "A More Perfect Union" speech, finally had enough.

Such things happen, but seldom so publicly ... and seldom so perfectly timed to show that Tinsley's always a week or two late on the news.

exanonymous said...

Eh, I've known many people who were perfectly reasonable (and could give good advice) who frothed at the mouth if you mentioned the wrong thing.

Conspiracy theorists rank up there. Wright's just another. Does it inhibit his ability to give good advice? No more or less so that those who believe the moon landings were a hoax, global warming is a hoax, scientists who speak out against global warming are in the pay of big oil, feminists seek to conquer the world with groin-hitting emasculation, the Illuminati will kill of dissenters and keep slaves, everyone will die in 2012, and Jesus was a alien.

These are all the beliefs of crazy people I know, and yet they can manage to function and live and they can give good advice. Just not in their pet peeve field.

It just feels more down to earth if Obama is connected to someone with those theories. Yadda yah about responsibility, Wright is not running for President and there really should be seperation of church and state so my responsibility is to not care. I'd actually be scared of a president who surrounded himself with 100% normal people who never mispoke, never ranted, and never had strong feelings towards anything. Stepford wives.

dlauthor said...

Besides, we've had closing in on eight years of a president who only listened to people who said things he already agreed with. Worked out well, dontcha think?

I've had teachers who were major influences in my life who held decidedly odd and potentially scandalous views about certain topics. Should I call them up and repudiate them now, just to be sure, in case I decide to run for office at some point in the future?

Anyway, Tinshley must be loving that Obama's in the position he's in now. It'll give him a lot of opportunity to draw incongruous penis-chins. Probably while drunk, naked, and weeping.