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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

That damned Obamateur

What's Mallard raving about today?

Barack Obama

By tomorrow, Mallard will have dropped all pretense to being anything other than an echo chamber for Right Wing talking points and will, like the scene in The Shining, plaster the words "Gun Nut" "Bitter Religious Zealot" and "Typical White Person" over the entire panel.

It will still be funnier than this.


exanonymous said...

The whole thing is just funny. Hey, Bruce, we know you aren't going to vote for Obama anyways, so there's no need to spaz out like that. It's not like you'll actually convince any of his supporters that the words you put in his mouth are true.

Or is this supposed to be funny for the neocons who are supposedly above this rubish and not associated with Hillary (who is supposed to be the continual source of the upcry)?

12xuser said...

It's funny, because they walk into a BAR, see? And Obama, he doesn't know anything about walking into a bar, he's all, "Hand me the Grey Poupon for my arugula latte, my good man."

Scanman said...

Grey Poupon for an Aruglua Latte?

A Mustard condiment for a salad flavored coffee?

Ewwwww, dear Lord just the thought of that concoction!

connection said...

I think if Obama tried some stand-up he'd actually be.. you know.. funny. Unlike the words put into his mouth here.

And he hasn't even gotten to the Rev. Wright material. Tinsley's probably already written his cartoon about how Obama always says "God Damn America, stop giving black people AIDS and being crazy racist crackers."

Kaitlyn said...

Mallard Fillmore is usually a hate-filled mess that makes you go "how did he get published?" and makes struggling cartoonists scream the same, only with more obscenities.

This is the same, of course.

But it BORES me.

Did he not do a cartoon on how "nice" the "liberal media" was treating Barack Obama? Guess he thinks he's the lone voice in the wilderness. (Is that the right context?)

As with every attack against a democrat, it makes me love them more. Unless it's an attack based on voting records or something.

Obama's quotes about bitter small-town people is TRUE, dammit. I only hope those who are, or are feeling so hopeless and impotent (job, economy, political representation) will consider these words not as an attack, but acknowledgment of them and their problems. Which need to be fixed. Dammit, we're not perfect, as someone said earlier this week.

I wish Mallard would get to the flag pin. That's even stupider. Remember the lady who got the chance to ask him a question and it was ABOUT THE FLAG PIN?

Anyhoo, one last thing. There's a Republican attack ad on the airwaves here. Usually during Jeopardy, rarely on during the evening (Law & Order, NCIS).

The candidate's name is Travis Childers. I assume he's a democrat, because he's "too liberal for Mississippi". Wanna hear some of his crimes?

He was endorsed by Barack Obama.

Since he received that endorsement, he has not denounced the (former) Reverend Wright, who said hurtful things. (I forgot the exact quote of his used in the commercial.)
Nor did he reject the endorsement after Obama's "bitter" comment.

That's one commercial.

Another ties him to Kerry(!) and Obama! And Pelosi! Because when he gets to Washington, he'll want to keep Pelosi as speaker of the house! "That may fly in San Francisco (purple letters in a "hippy" type font), but not here."

So yeah.

And the attack ad on his opponent, Greg Davis? Talks about what he did, like raise utility bills, by himself a new SUV, and other such things. Nothing about endorsements or anything personal.

Kaitlyn said...

Here's the attack ads on Travis Childers. They're so funny! (Thank god I don't live in Mississippi!)

The Pelosi ad

Here's one about his nursing homes. It's a lot less inflammatory, and I haven't seen it in a while.

His taxes went unpaid. Also seeing less airtime, because it's boring.

Why can't I find the Obama ad?

This is the closest I can find for now. It's part of the local news, but it has the Obama and Wright parts of the ad.

Kaitlyn said...

Seriously, why would it matter if conservatives can't trust the democrat?

Oh the Kerry support? (From the last video) He gave 2 grand to the most liberal presidential candidate in a while.

rewinn said...

Foolish liberalisitcals! Tinsley is launching an attack of extraordinarily fiendish subtlety!

He draws an Obama cartoon with a boring text. Then he draws another Obama cartoon with an even more boring text. And again. And again.

Soon ALL AMERICA will associate Obama with being bored!


Anonymous said...

Come on folks, you're missing the easy one here:

A bitter religious zealot, a gun nut, and a typical white person walk into a bar....

....and the bartender says "That's enough for one night, Bruce. Go on home and sober up."

factinista said...

Those attack ads are pathetic. And Mississippi has no right to criticize how California does things if they're ranked 50th in nearly everything.

The funny thing though? There's an ad in neighboring Louisiana that pretty much parrots those statements exactly. "A vote for (Democrat guy) is a vote for Barack Obama AND Nancy Pelosi!" Horrors!

They also tell you about a billion times that he's a LIBERAL who wants to RAISE YOUR TAXES! They never really prove it, unsurprisingly.

Celia said...

He certainly likes to draw chins.

(I know his chins have been gone over at length - and there is plenty of length to go over - but seriously, chins everywhere)