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Saturday, April 12, 2008

That damned Typicalness

What's Mallard raving about today?

Barack Obama, Racism.

Sometimes it seems like Mallard just stuffs whatever panels he has lying about into an envelope and sends them off to his editor, but never indicates on what day it should run. How else to explain the fact that Mallard started on this topic on April 7, then abandoned it for two days so he could complain (among other things) about taxes on April 10, only to return to it for no other apparent reason today?

I am not even going to offer an explanation for why Mallard thinks Obama's campaign is run by a Vegas lounge singer.


Kaitlyn said...

Not just a Vegas lounge singer, he looks like a Jewish caricature.

The Daily Show and Colbert Report have been new for the last few weeks - why didn't they comment on this typical white people thing?

As for why younger voters would be swamping to Obama - he looks younger than just about every other candidate since JFK. :P Plus, he's kinda cute.

Great political analysis, no?

You wan bad political talk, take my government prof. He drives me up the wall, he's a frakking professor and he uses the same government "jokes" that morons use - ha, ha the post office has rules! (Seriously. He used a post office anecdote Thursday. I think that's why I snapped at a classmate - I can't snap at the grade guy, now can I?)

But yeah, this is just out of nowhere.

I predict a tax thing tomorrow.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

I must admit Tinny has surprised me this week by mixing around the dead horses he's beating--that is, the "typical white person" dead horse, and the "I don't wanna pay taxes, bwaaaaaaaah" dead horse.

I suppose "typical white person" is more of a dead cow, as Tinny's not so much beating it as he is trying to milk it--and getting nothing at all. I mean, seriously, today's strip is just sad. For the first time, I actually feel pity for Miserable Tinny. (It'll pass, I'm sure.)

Kaitlyn: Wow, is that true? I stopped watching a long time ago (when I just couldn't find the real-life Mess O'Potamia even darkly amusing anymore), but Jon seemed to never tire of running the "Dean Scream" clip; seems like he'd find "Typical White Person" good for at least a couple of shows, unless he feared it'd alienate the audience.

(Man, I need more sleep. How the hell did I miss yesterday's D&C? I was off, for crying out loud!)

12xuser said...

I actually love the sleazy pollster. Kudos, Bruce.

bwd, you need to purchase a dedicated Duck and Cover computer, set it up in the most visible spot in the house, and leave it set to D&C.

I don't know what to think about the "typical white person" flap. Obviously, it's exactly the sort of important thing that gets focused on in these campaigns, rather than trivia like issues and policies. The campaigns themselves are all about defense, criticizing the opponent and trying not to leave openings for criticism of themselves. This means not committing yourself to anything more concrete than glittering generalities.

Kaitlyn said...

BWD - I've only watched TDS and TCR on a regular basis since mid-October '06. Just in time for the first election I could participate in. :)

So the Dean Scream? It makes me cringe just as much as post office jokes. Not the scream itself, but the constant rerunning of it. Back in '04, we didn't have cable or high speed internet, so I was stuck with local news.

But yeah - I have not heard about the typical white people on either show.

Want something else cringeworthy? The Hillary nutcracker. I saw it mentioned here, before actually seeing it. Real mature.

luke said...

I wonder if Tinsley is planning to jump on Obama's "small town voters are bitter" comment.

Because, you know, he's definitely the guy to show that Obama was way off.

exanonymous said...

Haha! Because young people and college graduates are NEVER white! Nor typical!

If you're going to milk a phrase, at least let it make sense. Just throwing it out there doesn't work.

The whole campaign thing makes me sad anyways. First off, politicians are human albeit with reptilian nature. Nonetheless, not every speech will be perfect.

But I oddly have confidence in presidential candidates whose worst sins include "typical white people". As opposed to those who advocate continuing a war campaign that is costing our country too much.

rewinn said...

I doubt today's strip is meant to be funny. It is merely "catapulting the propaganda" by repeating the key phrases until they shape the debate in the GOP's favor.

That's why the artwork, writing, timing et cetera don't have to be any good. The propagandist's job is to repeat the key phrase over and over until people think that it is somehow relevant ... even if they don't know why.

In return, Tinsley gets a paycheck. Hey, it's a gig!