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Friday, April 18, 2008

That damned criticism

What's Mallard raving about today?

John McCain, Democrats

Perhaps mixing some bran into Old Man McCain's diet might help with this particular...ahem...problem?


confused said...

I think it's a little insight as to what muscle is used to criticize the Left. It may help explain why after one of Tinny's taunts, there is that moment of "What was that?"

BillyWitchDoctor said...

"Can't criticize a Democrat?" What a load of crap, even by Tinstandards. McCain is not only able to criticize them, he can make the foulest "jokes" imaginable about their children. (Tinny probably lost faith in McCain when he quietly and privately apologized for same; Tinny would never do that. Trooth to powar!!111)

Anyway, McCain doesn't need to; he has former Dem and current "independent" (*snort* har har har) Joe Liebermann's hand up his butt (Liebermann was the one who reminded him where he was, what was going on, and what his name was on that last little photo-op in Iraq), and Joe's a pro at lashing out at Dems.

Side note: Hillary plastered a duck the other day. There was so much panicked bawling about it, I almost missed the irony. (Also, she did it without shooting anyone in the face.)

Michael said...

He's always drawn as if his mouth is full of golf balls. Apparently it leads to some disastrous consequences. Of the digestive variety.

dlauthor said...

Why is Rush Limbaugh taking a dump in today's cartoon? What does this have to do with McCain? And given that McCain hopped on the Obama Bitterclingelite Express just last week, do you think Tinshley's smacking his forehead yet again over the two-week lag?

Nah. He's too drunk to hit his own forehead.

exanonymous said...

I've been told that Rush Limbaugh made a very good point the other day.

"Gas prices rose and never went down once Democrats took over the Senate"

To which I had to reply: and what exactly did the Democrats pass with their slight majority that continues to make gas prices high?

But I just take that as a sample of the criticizing of democrats neocons think should happen.

And Clinton got a BJ!