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Thursday, April 10, 2008

That damned cover letter

What's Mallard raving about today?


Cover letter, eh? Anyone surprised that Mallard has not yet discovered e-filing?

Anyone surprised he's a bitter, incoherent crank with an inflated sense of his own cleverness?


factinista said...

Really, you'd think even Mallard would know that telling the treasury to shove it is a bit much.

Be sure to check back tomorrow, when Mallard begins reporting from prison for tax resistance.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Ah,'re always barking and farting about government waste, lobbyists, entitlements, and earmarks--but you continue to pledge allegiance to the Laffer Curve and the party that blew our budget completely out of the water...again.

(This will be where you proclaim loudly that you're Libertarian, not Republican, and it totally fools everyone. No, really, it does. After all, you criticize the GOP very gently on very rare occasions for their wild spending. And you hate McCain!)

Also, you never get around to telling us what you consider to be government waste. The Star Wars missile-defense program that we're still "developing" (and paying for) all these years later? The Grand Crusade/Occupation/Quagmire? Gigantic subsidies that go to corporate mega-farms?

Whoa, you're right, you DO tell us what's a waste of money: public education. Sorry.

Go ahead, Tinny: speak truth to power for real for a change and don't pay your taxes.

...Or do what you do every year: spend the next few days mocking blue-collar works with voluntary deductions, and generally bitching and moaning about taxes.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

...Dammit, blue-collar WORKERS. I fupped uck.

rewinn said...

I can't improve on billywitchdoctor's comments about government waste (how many Trillion$ and lives for Iraq? Argh!), let me address the 2ndary point:

Mallard's cover letter won't be read by anyone who cares. Why would anyone take an abusive cover letter seriously?

It might be passed around on coffee break and mocked as the meaningless raging of an impotent fool.

Much like Tinsley's strip itself.

Matt Ramone said...

If you write and draw while intoxicated, do you get to deduct booze as a business expense?

exanonymous said...

You know, they'd still have something to tax people on if we didn't have government waste. Just sayin.

NOW we're trying to catch up to a trillion dollar debt. Before, we were just paying for regular government services that the states were no longer equipped to perform.

While I don't consider it my patriotic duty to pay taxes, I do think that some form of a military is needed, that some research is not wasteful, and that some laws need to be examined and enforced on the national level.

And that the laws of money dictate that this trillion dollar debt will not dissappear, that it will have to be paid for by American people no matter how low taxes get, and that interest will always increase the longer it takes to fill the gap in that debt.

No, wasteful spending doesn't help that. But that wouldn't stop MAllard and his ilk from complaining that taxes were too high no matter how low the debt, and could we just pay bare minimum and push it off another 50 years so that the next generation has to pay it?

Gold-Digging Nanny State said...

Hey BWD, here's one you can add to the list: the National Science Foundation. Under Mallard, the entire department would be sacked except for a small task force dedicated to watering down global warming reports.

This comic actually made me laugh -- well, not really. Smile would be more apt -- for two reasons. One is the instruction to insert the form into one's left nostril, presumably for the purpose of gettting boogers on it. What's the next instruction -- lick it?

The other is more of an irony-induced chuckle. There are only a few Republicans out there who actually attempt to follow through on their lip service to reduced spending and fighting earmarks and whatnot, and even they are a) incredibly hypocritical about it and b) incredibly ineffective because they stick to this stubborn naysaying.

I'm thinking specifically of one of my home state's representatives, complete f@ckwad Bill Sali. Here's where he's hypocritical: He loaded as much pork as anyone else into spending bills, then voted against them to look fiscally conservative. Here's where he's ineffective: Not only does he score low in Congressional power rankings, he's often one of less than 30 or 40 people voting against very sensible bills that would require some spending, such as the Federal Railroad Safety Improvement Act, a science and technology scholarship program, and the Small Business Lending Improvements Act, which would provide more SBA loans to businesses in rural areas -- you know, the kind that Sali represents.

But hey -- at least he's standing up to Pelosi.

K.T. said...

I literally JUST found this blog. Thank GOD. I have been wishing and hoping for a Mallard Filmore blog for nigh on a year now. FINALLY... RATIONAL PEOPLE to comment on the comic strip that regularly FORGETS TO BE FUNNY.