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Monday, April 14, 2008

That damned Straw Man

What's Mallard raving about today?

Barack Obama, taxes.

A Straw Man extraordinaire today! Nothing really needs be said about something so blatantly disingenuous as this, but don't let that stop any commenters from having a go.


Kaitlyn said...

So he's placating the non-rich, but he's lying, they're all rich to him.

I thought the democrats were supposed to love the poor.

I just don't get this.

Kaitlyn said...

I mean I do get it - Barack Obama sucks sucks sucks sucks and he lies and no other politician ever lied ever but Barack Obama. And maybe Hillary.

Is that about right?

I can't believe he wasted the day before tax day on something that wasn't bitching about "government employees".

(Re: "government employees" - according to my government professor, a downside of the merit based system, as opposed to appointing your (you're the prez/governor/mayor) buddies is that you can't control them. The fuck?! was my reaction, but I'll remember that until the exam is over. :P)

Dave Robidenza said...

Since today's "joke" is an utterly generic "Democrats want to tax, tax, tax!" repetition, I'll ignore his alleged point and reiterate - is it really that hard to draw dialog/thought balloons that come from the mouth/brain area? I know Bruce is not the only culprit in this area, but in this particular strip, I don't see how hard it would have been to adjust the "art" so it didn't appear that Obama is talking/thinking out of his sixth cervical vertebra.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Again, "Two-Week" Tinny's time lag defeats him, as real life provides better material than Tinny's capable of making up and he won't be able to crack on it until well after real life has moved on.

Ironically (I guess), when she was in the running as veep, this "I'll soak the rich (but you're all rich)" nonsense was leveled against Geraldine Ferraro.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Li'l Dubbie and friends are just getting around to acknowledging that there are, in fact, some people who aren't hunky-dory, and are slightly concerned about their financial futures, which they shouldn't be worried about anyway because everyone's gonna get themselves a free check and that'll fix everything!! Mission accomplished!!

Dave Robidenza: Mark Trail is the worst offender in the thought balloon department, as human dialog is frequently misdirected out of the hindquarters of squirrels and whatnot. (The latest Nobody Scores! even riffs on this phenomenon.)

Kaitlyn said...

BWD - Mark Trail once featured a talking potato.

And today, two birds are plotting to kidnap a little girl's puppy.

Dave Robidenza said...

Talking potatoes and birds I can understand. This is the comics page, after all.

I don't quite get the idea of major presidential candidate as skeletal ventriloquist, however.