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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Golden Ellipses: Ray Bolger Award for Invention in Straw Men

And the winner is...

Straw Liberals Want to Help Terrorists

In our final category, Ray Bolger Award for Invention in Straw Men, we have the final Nominees:


BillyWitchDoctor said...

Straw Harry Reid Surrenders.

Not too long ago, I remarked upon the foolish habit of regularly slashing education funding--to which some anonymous buffoon farted in reply that my answer was, in his view, to keep throwing more and more money at a lost cause.

Here we see that Tinny's answer to the Great Crusade-Cum-Quagmire is to keep throwing more and more money (and lives) at it.

Because anything else would be "surrender." (Besides, the Surge is wor--oops.)

anna said...

Anonymous Buffoon has a point. Some people never get smarter no matter how much money goes into their education. You know, some people like Anonymous Buffoon (although he may have benefited from more math classes). Of course, this doesn't mean we should stop funding schools, just because some people don't get much out of it. Then again, I feel the same way about buses so I'm probably just a filthy Communist traitor.

The last three all gnashed my teeth, but my pick here is Straw Liberals Want to Help Terrorists. Reason being, the other two require some amount of nuance and abstract reasoning to understand their wrongness. That's so far out of Tinsley's league it's unfair to expect it. All you need to know about racial profiling is that it doesn't work - for obvious reasons - yet somehow this eludes him.

12xuser said...

So much to choose from . . .

I actually think the Straw Harry Reid is an accurate portrayal of the lack of leadership he has provided in the face of Republican opposition. Probably not what Mallard had in mind, but it means I can't vote for this one.

The Straw Hillary is pretty good, because you hear this stuff all the time from the Right, and Hillary has never implied any of this stuff.

The Straw Jesse Jackson is a strong contender, because no matter what he actually says, it comes out "Racism racism racism" to Mallard and his ilk, who don't actually listen to his words.

The "white courtesy phones for terrorists" works better as a WTF than a straw man, I think.

But the one that's getting my vote is the Liberal who doesn't understand conservatives, because it illustrates what a moron like Tinsley imagines someone like me thinks of someone like him.

rewinn said...

I enjoyed Tinsley's suggestion that "College Turns Kids Conservative".

I'm sure he trying to say "Liberals Think Conservatives Are Babykillers", but it was funny to see him step on his "College Is a Hotbed of Liberalisticalism" theme.