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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Golden Ellipses: Achievement in Oversimplification or Willful Ignorance

And the winner is...

No, I didn't read the article, why?

In the category of "Achievement in Oversimplification or Willful Ignorance" we have the following nominees:


BillyWitchDoctor said...

Nnnnnngh. Sooooo much stupidity...I swear if you click through the links quickly enough, you can cause your own cranium to cave in. If a strip about the Laffer Curve had been included, you might even be able to tear the space-time continuum with Teh Sheer Powar Of Stoopid.

The Al Gore one is probably the outright dumbest, mirroring as it does the whole "Gore took a flight/and turned on a light/which causes pollution/so why such confusion/the hypocrite pollutes/who among you refutes?" nonsense. (Oh Lord, did I just write that? No more Drano for me! ...Okay, maybe just a little more *snfffffffffffff*)

But given what the nation has been through for the last several years, the sheer, blind-to-all-hypocrisy idiocy of "And The Current Occupant's Qualifications Are?" makes it the clear winner in my book.

Kaitlyn said...

The immigration one for being the first in the list.

If there was an "All of the Above," it would win.

Every single poll.

qwogns said...

Can I just vote for kicking Bruce Tinsley square in the balls?

luke said...

The last one is a good example of how the art and "writing" in this strip are completely disconnected. Who are those random women? Answer: doesn't matter! He could draw celebrity caricatures or politicians in their place and it wouldn't make any difference. The psychotic screed is what counts.

Anna said...

Had to wait till I had adequately girded my loins before going through this category's nominees.

They're all special, although the regressive tax one is extra-special, because you can read it the exact opposite way Tinsley intended it. This is why it's good to pull your head out of your ass sometimes.

However, my vote goes to the "it's cold out so what's this about global warming, amirite???" one because it's been annoying me for I don't even know how many years. It was always a glib, idiotic oversimplification (and unfunny joke!). To keep saying it after the facts have been well-known for so long, can only be willful ignorance. Oversimplification of a complex issue, willful ignorance, and stealing a decades-old unfunny joke from suburban dads: ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mallard Fillmore!