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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

That damned Earth Day

What's Mallard raving about today?

Earth Day.

Mallard creates a doozy of an Earth Day Straw Man today. Damn Liberal Environmentalists in my head with their imagined massive rallies that create garbage! So hypocritical!


factinista said...

Please tell me that we're not getting lectured about Earth Day for the rest of the week.

Then again, maybe we're not. It's not Earth Day, it's "Earth Day," the day where you throw wild parties and dump garbage everywhere. It's the holiday that's so sarcastic, the name has to be in quotes.

luke said...

Damn liberals with their big old smoke-emitting signs.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Now that Earth Day (or "Earth Day"), like "going green," has been co-opted by corporate interests, it would be no surprise that there might be parties that ironically leave mounds of smelly trash.

I haven't seen such a party yet--most people who celebrate Earth Day do so by cleaning up trash and planting trees and so forth--but who knows, I don't get invited to Exxon shindigs.

So the only thing that spoils this strip (aside from the total-ass artwork) as a dire warning of things to come, or mordant commentary on the aforementioned co-opting, is the educated assumption that (as Luke notes) Tinny thinks he's stickin' it to them stupit smelly hippies because he has absolutely no idea what he's talking about. ...Shocker, right?

Another massive failure brought to you by the last man on Earth who will still believe in Evil Sun and Grand Cowfart Theories.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Aw, crap--and then I read Wednesday's Sally Forth.

Scanman said...

I hate to say it but he does have a point. The garbage that was left behind in Central Park on Earth Day 1990 was immense.

rewinn said...
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rewinn said...

...garbage that was left behind in Central Park on Earth Day 1990...


We were complaining when Tinsley was behind the issues by only two weeks.

The "Earth Day trash" canard wasn't funny when I first read it in high school (decades ago) and it hasn't improved with age.

Next up: Tinsley complains about those hippies and their love beads. Then, it's on to Elvis and his shocking, shocking dancing.

Matt Ramone said...

How soon until this week's strip pulls out "lawl hay guis did u no that AL GORE rides in a car dat emits carbon? HIPPOCRITE!"?

Week after that, he'll bravely confront the libruhl media by reminding everyone that Ted Kennedy drove drunk and Bill Clinton cheated on his wife.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, Earth Day 1990 Central Park NYC

This was a big event with bands playing for free (e.g. the B-52s) and a big crowd. They estimated 100 tons of garbage removed. A friend who had spent the earlier part of the day with a group collecting garbage told me that certain groups of people were intentionally throwing garbage around, and upending garbage cans and recycle bins to do it. There was a group at a McDonalds next to the park with signs telling people to go dump their trash in the park to protest the hippie environmentalists. Many did.

Who picked it up? Mostly volunteers who were disgusted by being punked by anti-environmentalists and self-styled anrachists. And they did it the same day. As far as I know there was no job creation.

exanonymous said...

Er, someone sent Tinsley the wrong memo.

Earth Day celebrations ARE cleaning up.

I cannot google anything resembling figures for money spiking dramantically to clean up Earth Day parties. Mardi Gras, yes. New Years Eve, yes. Earth Day? HA

Michael said...

Ha! How can they be real environmentalists, when they hold large celebrations?!