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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Those damned Tax Facts

What's Mallard raving about today?


The rise in the price of gas is driving food and clothing prices up and the collapse of the housing market is keeping housing prices flat. So maybe there's a glimmer of hope that Bush's disastrous policies can bring things back into line.

That said by Mallard's logic, we should try reducing our taxes to 0%. By Mallard's logic that would solve everything. In which case Mallard and his ilk can personally pay for the Iraq War out of their own pockets.


factinista said...

Maybe we should make it so people who whine about taxes don't have to pay them, but they're not allowed to use anything that taxes pay for. One way or another, it would shut a lot of people up.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Oh, Factinista, if that were possible, it would be so awesome. It is a beautiful dream you have.

(But you know it wouldn't shut some people up--just make 'em whine louder. Remember, Tinny gets mad because they check white people at airports too.)

Hey, there's the Laffer Curve Nonsense again! Tax cuts increase government revenue! (Try it at home, kids! Quit your job and watch the dough roll in!)

Taxes (for the wealthy) have been slashed, and so has spending on everything from infrastructure to health care to public education...and yet, we're still up to our soon-to-be-taken scalps in debt!

Gee, if we could only figure out why...

exanonymous said...

Ah, good old deceptive beerlogic.

Taxes were cut yet more tax money was collected. This must be because tax cuts increase the amount of money collected.

As opposed to the two more logical factors: inflation and population.

Poor Brucey, you live in the delusion that paying less taxes would increase the amount of money you earn. You might work from Jan 1 to Apr 30 to pay your taxes (~25%) but you can bet you sweet-capitalism-kissing-arse that employers would simply pay employees 25% less if taxes did not exist. After all, you survived and worked there before on how much you made after taxes were taken out.

12xuser said...

Think of all the things you have to spend money on, from housing to gasoline to electricity to food to transportation. Oh, and taxes. Why is it that the right has this overriding fantasy that they should be able to live without paying taxes? From the first dollar they ever made, they have been aware of the tax bite and have presumably budgeted for that. Yet over and over it's complain, complain, complain about taxes.

Matt Ramone said...

re: first panel

"Average American." Does he include obscenely wealthy people like Rupert Murdoch or Bill Gates in that statement? Outliers like that can really drive up the numbers. Reminds me back in the "boom" time of the Clinton years where the "average" investor was supposed to be raking in money, whereas the reality of it was that people like Ted Turner were averaged in with people like little Granny Retiree still holding on to those 100 shares of GE her husband left her.

rewinn said...

... employers would simply pay employees 25% less if taxes did not exist.

This is an excellent point, and deserves an example.

Let's say you're working for $20/hour at 25% total tax rate. This means your take-home is $15/hour. The employer knows this - that you'll do what you're doing for a take-home of $15/hour.

So President Mallard Fillmore cuts taxes to zero. Your take-home zooooooms to $20/hour on wages of $15/hour.

Your employer has the choice:

A) Do nothing, and forgo the extra profit that would accrue from cutting your pay to $15/hour, or

B) Cut your pay to $15/hour. Your take-home is the SAME as it was before the Fillmore Tax Cut, so you keep working, same as before. Your employer is much better off (which is why he helped Fillmore become President in the first place).

The impact on our society at large (e.g. neglected infrastructure, skyrocketing national debt) are too diffuse to figure into the calculations. Our children, who will inherit the mess, aren't old enough to vote.