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Friday, April 11, 2008

That damned UN

What's Mallard raving about today?

The UN, Senators Clinton & Obama.

What kind of sick fetish caused Mallard to visualize a fight between Clinton and Obama like that? Clinton as a pant-suited lion who appears to be attempting to scratch the eyes out of an otherwise faceless Obama. Or mate with him.

Oh, and Mallard hates pretty much everything. Clear?


factinista said...

Umm... Peacekeepers come in after conflicts. Their job isn't to end wars; they keep new ones from starting. Maybe that's why they seem so ineffective to Mallard.

And why the propeller beanie?

exanonymous said...

All debates according to Mallard should be each person agreeing to the propoganda as laid out by Mallard/whoever he worships. Therefore, anything that does not follow this routine is viewed as excessively hostile.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Mallard hates pretty much everything.

So Bruce Tinsley is actually Bonecrusher?

12xuser said...

By the time the DNC happens, it will be long over. In fact, by the second week in June, nearly three months before the convention, Clinton will be forced to concede. The only way she can win is by a total collapse of the Obama campaign. Barring assassination or revelation of bestiality, that's not going to happen.

Until then, it's still technically a race, and I expect her to fight as hard as she can, though as each week goes on, and the numbers get clearer, the calls for her to drop out will get louder.

Anonymous said...

"Wishful Thinking" Panel #42,312. The Democrats will fight each other so much that John "Keep Troops in Iraq Another 100 years" McCain will be elected to carry on Cheney's maniacal War on "Islamo-fascists." Actually, now that I think of it, McCain-Cheney would be a modern Republican Dream Team.

Michael said...

I like the water gun & propeller hat. The UN are such wussies - they don't even sanction torture!

Matt Ramone said...

So I expect that we'll see strips on the John Yoo memo next week, right?