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Saturday, May 24, 2008

That damned Hope

What's Mallard raving about today?

Weather, Hope, Change, CBS, NBC.

I wonder what it feels like to wake up in the morning with the knowledge that your job is to write things like "with a refreshing mix of hope and change" and expect that your audience response will be "Effing right. I effing hate hope and change."


Kaitlyn said...

A democrat is promising change. And things have been perfect for the last 7 and a half years. So whatever change he will bring will be the worst change ever.

And yeah, NBC and CBS work for Barack Obama.

However, this still doesn't make sense. (In whatever sense exists.)

The rain will stop. That is good, so liberals equate it with "hope and change". Huh?

It's nonsense, is what it is.

And god, the weather channel was evil today. (Not that I watched it - NCIS marathon, baby!) It was unbelievably hot and muggy today, and it was just 90 degrees. Plus, my sister bitched about the fan ALL DAMN DAY. The heat made me sick to my stomach, but she was cold and blankets aren't good enough!

Back to the comic - he's insulting NBC and/or CBS by saying they'd ruin the weather channel by throwing political buzz words into the forecast. Or something.

I have an issue with the weather channel - too many programs during the day and early evening, not enough local on the 8's. Like "When weather changed history". But they have to fill the day somehow! At least they avoid infomercials.

Kaitlyn said...

Oh, Tinz isn't really attacking hope and change, he's attacking "hope and change," which is a phrase Barack Obama - a politician - uses. And they lie. All the time.

So if NBC or CBS bought the Weather Channel, they'd turn it into nothing but lies and attacks on issues conservatives hold dear.

Or hey - Tinz really scoffs at change now that he's had this job for 14 years. Change could involve him losing this cushy "balance" spot.

And hope? People hope for better things, and as Tinz believes, everything is perfect in America, except for the whole persecution and attacks from liberals (who are everywhere).

john said...

I wonder what it's like to wake up every morning in a complete fantasy world, where NBC and CBS are evil liberals who are bent on ruining ... weather-related programming?

I think the only funny thing about Mallard is that he can make the same unfunny joke every single day without a whit of self-awareness. That he sees a news item about NBC buying the Weather Channel and thinks "there's a week and a half of material!"

Kaitlyn said...

John - this has some basis in reality? NBC/GE is really talking about buying TWC?

If it's just NBC, why does he throw in CBS as well? To make it look like he's not attacking just one network?

There's some nasty storms in Oklahoma today, and we got some rain here, so the weather channel was on today. At one point, there was a little environmental spot about saving water. So there'd be no change if NBC or CBS bought the channel - they've already succumbed to the pressure of the liberal media.

rewinn said...

Every time Mallard and his ilk go "Boo Hope!" I think of Marvin the Paranoid Android.

The only difference: Marvin was smart, funny and depressed; Mallard is just depressed.

Boo Hope! ... yeah, like that is a winning philosophy of life!

john said...

lol - You're right, Kaitlyn. I actually have no idea if it's based in reality, and with Mallard, I shouldn't have assumed it was!