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Friday, May 02, 2008

That damned JFK

What's Mallard raving about today?

JFK, Conservatives.

Apparently, Mallard pines for the good old days when someone like Strom Thurmond could be an openly racist member of the Senate (albeit a Democrat until 1964).


Kaitlyn said...

Wasn't a certain voting act passed in '65... after Kennedy?

Pro national defense? He fought in WW2! It was the Cold War! And it wasn't all good, can you say Bay of Pigs?

And he couldn't run as a Republican, people liked him. Especially women.

I wonder if he did this up in response of Ted Kennedy's endorsement.

That would support the random theory someone had.

Kaitlyn said...

Mallard's more full of shit than usual.

Remember the Mississippi attack ads? Today, Travis Childers fought back. (He's the democrat endorsed by the most liberal democrat ever - Barack Obama!)

His family doesn't like the lies. He says his opponent wasn't a good mayor.

Then he says where he stands - pro-life, pro-gun, CONSERVATIVE but a democrat. There is no smear for southern republicans like there is for southern democrats. (There are negative ads by the Democratic commission or something, but they're about what he did while in office, not who he's endorsed by and no other politicians are named!)

Anyway, Mallard needs to move to the rural south.

Or any rural part of a red state.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Mallard, enjoying his throbbing smug-on, forgets that Jimmy Carter was a conservative evangelical Christian.

Believe this, Tinny: not only would JFK want nothing to do with your neoconservative idols, neither would Lincoln. Your lot is the realm of Nixons, Reagans, and Bushes--not a genuine conservative in the bunch.

Matthew said...

If the Bay of Pigs happened now it would have been hailed as a great American victory.

Celia said...

The people saying things aren't as good as they used to be would be pining for one or other of the Roosevelts were they transported back to that time, not enjoying the rich and wonderful quality of life that everyone (honest!) had when Bruce Tinhat was a child back in the fifties or sixties or whenever.

Anonymous said...

Why is he reading about JFK's politics in a newspaper? Is it that slow a news day?

12xuser said...

Yeah, pro national defense. That really worked well back then. Remember how the US went into that little Asian country and kicked Commie ass? Good times . . .

And pro tax cuts in 1960 meant something quite different than it does today. In 1960 the top tax bracket was 90%. The lowest was 20%. Today, the top bracket is 35%. This has led to the return to the wealth disparities of the late 1800's, and the decline of the middle class, which was in part created by those high tax rates.

factinista said...

Anyway, Mallard needs to move to the rural south.

We've got enough idiots in politics already here. We REALLY don't need Mallard.

JFK has always seemed like a somewhat overrated president, a la Reagan. Sure, he was a good speaker, and he introduced the Civil Rights Act (even though he didn't sign it), but making our military into the world's laughingstock with the Bay of Pigs invasion, not to mention launching the second-most disastrous war in American history, really subtracts from the good he did.

Kaitlyn said...

Factinista - what's one more idiot?

I was thinking of his happiness, not ours. He's obviously surrounded by gay liberal atheists who work at abortion clinics.

Of course, there are liberals here. And you can still watch TV.

He enjoys being outraged, or feigning outrage. And getting paid. And picked up by a syndicate. Every time I think of this - he's in a syndicate - I think of his books. All 2 of them. It's not because his comic is political - Doonesbury, the Boondocks, This Modern World, and many other political cartoons get books.

Kaitlyn said...

The tax cuts - and how was the economy 14-15 years after WW2?

Especially compared to todays'?

ianrey said...

If Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, or Goldwater were in politics today, they would be Democrats. Even Nixon would be considered left of center as measured in today's spectrum, but the GOP would probably let him stay in and call him a RINO.

Brad said...

I pine for the good ole days when Strom Thurmond was promoting segregation. White people didn't have to live in fear. With the murder, rape, and mugging rates of blacks why should we tolerate them in our communities.