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Monday, May 12, 2008

That damned Scheme

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Look, Mallard...

There are many reasons beyond racism why someone might not support Senator Obama. Our own billywitchdoctor (hardly your biggest fan) is very openly not an Obama supporter, for example. No one has accused BWD of racism.

But if you keep equating not supporting Obama with racism over and over and over again, you might as well just come out and directly say that you personally can't support Obama because he is Black.

It's OK, we won't think any less of you for being honest. We can't think any less of you.


Matt Ramone said...

BWD and I don't agree when it comes to Obama, but that has not stopped anyone in this forum from having an adult, reasonable debate based on issues and important issues. As far as I know, no one here has resorted to "it's a woman!" vs "it's a black!" debate. It seems to me the only people concerned with race are Republicans and pollsters.

tl;dr I have no problem with people disagreeing with me, so long as they act mature about it (like basically everyone on here).

factinista said...

Tinsley at the very least has enough functional brain cells to realize that racism is a taboo in the post-60's world. So in an effort to hide his true feelings, he has cheapened the word to such an extreme that no one could possibly use it in a persuasive argument against him or his ilk.

It's truly a testament to how huge this persecution complex of his is that he's convinced that blacks are completely equal now and they want to discriminate against whites for some reason. Never mind the absolutely horrifying things whites have done (and still do) to ALL minorities in this country.

luke said...

Kaitlyn's comment a couple posts back was prophetic. Tinsley says no criticism of Obama sticks, then immediately follows that up with a strip about Reverend Wright embarrassing Obama. This man probably creates more irony on a daily basis than any satirist in history.

Anonymous said...

While some things Wright says are ridiculous, most are not and he's far less kooky than Hagee, the witch-doctor of the neo-cons, and a key proponent of McCain. The NYT has tried, but so far failed to alert people to the anti-Catholic and other hateful aspects of Hagee and his ilk, but Wright's monopolized the attention of the media and the public. Hagee's a far greater threat, given his access to the Bushites and (next) the McCainiacs.

Kaitlyn said...

Luke, you took the post out of my hands.

As soon as I saw the topic, I was like, damn man, I'm on pain killers just about every day and I remember things I did last week, especially if there's proof!

Does he keep no record of his work? Check the Chron?

He's officially stupider than the stupidest stupid that ever stupided.

However, that's not a hideous drawing. No penises in sight.

Kaitlyn said...

I don't think Tinz can empathize with others, when it comes to racism or discrimination. He can't put himself in anybody else's place, he lacks the necessary imagination. (and other thought processes)

I'm beyond supposing that this is a joke, because no one can be that stupid.

My main hope is that this is therapy of some kind, and that he's a perfectly reasonable man (who drove drunk) in real life. Maybe conservative, but not so damn crazy. So if it's therapy, he wants to forget what he said and that's why he contradicts himself from day to day.

rewinn said...

Is Tinsley an actual individual?

It seems more likely that it's a role staffed by whatever RNC intern came into work late. That would account for his not remembering what he did last week.

GeoX said...

Where IS BWD lately, anyway? It's been a while. I think. Unless it hasn't.

Anyway, I think Wright it awesome. Sure, he's crazy in some ways. But awesome ways.

luke said...

We are nothing without him.