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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Golden Ellipses: Limbaugh Award for Best Regurgitation of Talking Points

And the winner is...

ACORN! Scary!

The nominees for the Limbaugh Award for Best Regurgitation of Talking Points are...
  • Nomination Fight!- Man, the Democratic Convention is going to be a total bloodbath and the Democrats will come out of it so bloodied that there is no way they could win the White House.
  • Coffee as Litmus Test - Because you can't find a single Starbucks in Red States. Nope, no sir.
  • Racism and Sexism, Oh, My! - Don't bother trying to find an instance where the candidates made these claims. I am telling you it's true.
  • ACORN! Scary! - ACORN is stealing the election! Be afraid because I said so! I don't understand, why aren't you afraid? This worked in 2004, what's going on?
  • Socialist! - Barack Obama is a Socialist. I'm saying it loud and often, do you need more proof than that?


Neo Tuxedo said...

In before Anonymous Duckdong.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Also voting first. Does that make me a voper? Because that's the verification word anyway.

John Roche said...

My "rencil" had to mark down "socialist" because it contains a fine example of begging the question in addition to regurgitation of talking points--the idea that gas prices have anything to do with "supply and demand" as opposed to (even by Bush's admission) "pusher and addict."

GeoX said...

Gotta be ACORN, both for the willful stupidity of the talking point itself and for the hilarity of describing a Republican apparatchik like Stanley Kurtz as a "maverick." I mean TRULY. A normal person would feel embarrassed to be such a reliable talking point machine.

Michael said...

I like the symbolism of Mallard standing next to a stripper's pole in ACORN, but Socialist is where he really whores himself out. I've never seen such naked and baseless propaganda. Hell, the socialist party even called Obama a puppet of the bourgeoisie.

Rootbeer said...

I'm not sure Coffee is even a political cartoon; taken as an observation on regional variation in dialect, it's not a bad strip, except for the inexplicably changing head color.

I gotta go with Nom Fight, because the talking point of Democratic discord was pervasive, the comic is clearly promoting that same talking point, and as a bonus it turned out to be utterly wrong.

rewinn said...

I leaned to Nomination Fight because its prediction was both testable and stupid, showing that Tinkley and the rest of the reichwing apparatus are either very ignorant of human nature (every faction of the Democrats had powerful motivation to avoid a nasty convention) or willfully misleading ... or both.

But what sold me was that Tinkley ruined the joke by adding a 2nd talking point: "The UN sucks".

The point of the "Convention Chaos" T.P. was that there'd be a BIG fight. But then Tinkley draws a cop with a propeller beanie & dribble gun. Visually it's an ineffectual cop ... and THEREFORE the fight would not be so bad. JOKE FAIL!

Two Minute Hate needs focus!

BakaHoushi said...

I'm going with the Racism/Sexism one, because while the ACORN/Socialist/Coffee are all full of shit, they're also based on real things. Granted they're blown out of proportion at best and full of lies at worst, but ACORN did have problems (not that they would have ANY negative effect), Obama MIGHT be a Socialist (if you consider anything less than "let's privatize EVERYTHING 'cause business is always efficient!" to be socialist), and some Liberals do, in fact, enjoy coffee, you cannot, anywhere, find a speech in which Obama or Clinton complained that they were being discriminated against based on race of gender. It never happened. Period.

Marion Delgado said...

I think "coffee vs. a coffee" needs to be disqualified. It's too stupid and clumsy to qualify as a talking point.

Unless it's in the original Basque that Tinsley writes his strip in before translation happens.

Via cheaper non-union translators.

Marion Delgado said...

also, my vote?


by miles

A. It truly is a Big Lie out of Hitler's own playbook, an actual attempt to say something that's false by ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE and win by audacity and repetition.

B. It's a very sucessful Big Lie.

C. It's very officially coordinated.

D. It's definitely marching orders for every radio host and op-ed writer.

E. Hence, Tinsley is doing his Stakhanovite best here.

wavydavy said...

I have to go with ACORN, given the category, as others who have voted for it have explained.

But for sheer utter stupidity (is that a category? Could it be one next year? Or does the whole strip qualify on a daily basis? I digress), Obama Is A Socialist really takes the cake.

Tinkely is accusing Obama of wanting, planning, intending to repeal the law of supply and demand?! WTF?! From someone who is a hardcore, diehard Reaganaut? I mean really, WTF?!?!

The ENTIRE wingnut experience, from planning to inception to implementation to utter collapse over the past 30 years, is based ENTIRELY on the premise that if taxes (i.e., tax rates) go down, tax revenues will increase, caeteris paribus [other things being equal. -- Sorry, sometimes I revert to economist speech].

This is equivalent to saying the best way to put on weight is to eat less -- in other words, it's bullshit, and has been ever since it was first propsed to/by St. Ronnie. Not for nothing is this graphically represented by the aptly-sounding "Laffer Curve."

This usually goes hand-in-hand with references to the virtues of "trickle-down economics" (i.e., give the rich more money, and poor people will benefit -- yeah, right), which would be more accurately named "Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining economics".

Are Tinkley and his ilk really that stupid, or is it just a coverup for their dastardly deeds? 'Tis a puzzlement.