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Friday, March 20, 2009

That damned Economist

What's Mallard raving about today?

The economy.

I like the fact that Mallard felt the need to include a downward squiggle, as if otherwise we might not know what a worsening economy was like.

I love the fact that the colorist added red highlights, as if otherwise we might not recognize that down means "loss."


exanonymous said...

Remember, this downward trend of two weeks ago is entirely Obama's fault. Any upward trends are property of the previous administration.

Don't worry, everyone who actually produces in this country will "go Galt" and the government will wake up and give tax cuts to the rich and allow all it's loyal conservatives in the Real America to publicly flog the diseased liberals.

Factinista said...

The funny thing is that Mallard's holding the paper at an angle. The line ends up pretty close to the starting point.

fuckreagan said...

Note that the line moved upwards, then, straight, thus, things, either, got better or stagnated.

I have seen rumors of forthcoming economic stimulus checks and as we all know, Tinsley considers monetary support for the disadvantaged to be the worst possible thing.

Verification Word: Scheatio, the disgusting form of sex that Tinsley demands from his hateful, frigid, suicidal wife.

I saw Watchmen, today and it ended with Tinsley's Objectivist vision of utopia: (Huge spoiler: All the liberals in New York are blown up, foreign Communists become the willing pawns of the American government and the rich and powerful form a coalition that values power and control, rather than charity and human rights.)

NLC said...

I think we may be missing the point here.

Perhaps Tinsley thinks that by copying this joke (and I doubt that there has been a political satirist working in the last century that hasn't used it) that this is a way to establish some kind of professional credibility?

Sort of like the fifth grader who starts wearing tons of eye shadow so that he start proclaiming "Look, I'm a rock star!"

Anonymous said...

It must have been hard for Ducky, growing up with such a horribly disfigured face like that. I can only imagine the schoolyard nicknames.

Poor use of space is abundant in today's strip. His visual is crammed and screwed, while the completely superfluous character dominates the negative space that Ducky doesn't just outright ignore.

12xuser said...

What a lame-ass joke. This joke is older than John McCain and weaker than Sarah Palin's brain.

I wish all of these idiots threatening to "go Galt" would take it one step further and "go Mishima".

rewinn said...

Ducky Youngman: now playing in the Poconos!

Anonymous said...

"...weaker than Sarah Palin's brain." Please get over this nonsense.
It's past time to stop obsessing about last year's losing VP candidate and to note our present Commander in Chief is so teleprompter dependent he thanked himself accidentally this week, then followed it up last night with a "joke" about his bowling being "... like the Special Olympics or something." And Biden hasn't gone a day without saying something even dumber.

Squid Vicious said...

Oh, Anonytinkley, you try soooo hard...and fall sooooo flat. Surely you can come up with something better than, "Obama depends on a teleprompter." It's ludicrous on its face as a substantive critique and rebuttable to boot. While Obama no doubt uses a teleprompter for prepared remarks, he certainly doesn't for his press responses. See e.g.,>February 9th P.C. starting at 7:45. Just because somewhat isn't a stuttering imbecile when talking in public like our previous Preznit, does not mean that that person is using a teleprompter.

As for the Special Olympics joke, I'll concede it was a flub.

Squid Vicious said...

Oops, sorry for the flubbed link, y'all... I really should use preview.

NLC said...

That's interesting. I just watched Obama's appearance on the Leno Show and he seemed to handle himself pretty well.

Can you tell me where his teleprompters were? I've watched it a couple times and I can't figure it out?

Michael said...

When he has to speak without a prompter, Obama gets hooked up with wires and is remotely controlled by Slavoj Zizek.

Anonymous said...

Obama speech, Teleprompter goes out. This is pathetic. This total fool is now the leader of our country. Be honest, have any of you BO voters said "what the hell have I done?"

Anonymous said...

Obama apologizes for calling his bad bowling 'Like the Special Olympics'. Obama makes a joke making fun of disabled people, apologizes for it, and everybody accepts it: 'Ah, teachable moment, because we all know he really didn't mean it.'

Sorry. He did mean it. You can tell what's in people's hearts when they're not on the teleprompter.

12xuser said...

Listen to all the sensitive right-wing bleeding hearts, suddenly all concerned about offending the courageous athletes of the Special Olympics with non-politically correct speech.

If it wasn't so goddamned funny, the hypocrisy would make me puke.

Michael said...

12user: you can also add to the list their new found concern about the President sounding foolish in public.

NLC said...

No, no, now let's be nice.

I envy Tinslanonymous. I really do. It must be a very pleasant place on his home planet.

It's easy to understand his confusion though. Imagine coming from a world where Baraka Obama is the most evil person that you could imagine and suddenly finding yourself in the land of Bush, Rove, Cheney, Limbaugh, etc. How disorienting must that be.

Anonymous said...

So...12xuser, Michael and NLC believe Obama's comments concerning the people who are handicapped were a real hoot? "That's okay Barack let's all have a laugh." Just what I would have expected from the Obama supporters.

Anonymous said...

Every comment you have ever posted is puke. Obama was in fact also making fun of you. You are also severely handicapped...brain dead!

GeoX said...

Wait, so political correctness is now a GOOD thing? What happened to South Park Republicans? I'm so confused.

rewinn said...

The reichwing is outraged that President Barack Obama uses a teleprompter. He uses it a lot, probably more than any president before him. Why is this a scandal to them?

The simple fact is that when you give a speech, you have notes. You used to write them on paper, and look down from time to time to refresh your memory. The TelePrompter is just better technology than 3x5 cards. That's all.

Yet the Party of Antiscience hates Obama using the TelePrompter. Why? Are they just Luddites?

After all, during his epic CPAC rant, Rush Limbaugh read off paper (when he looked up and got away from reading, he started inventing new words for our Constitution.) So maybe the reichwing is just wedded to dead trees. (George Washington NEVER used a teleprompter! Teleprompters are not in our Constitution!!!)

Or are they just trying to portray Obama as out-of-touch with the average person, who doesn't have a TelePrompter. Obama's extremely popular, in large part because he's very genuine, and he actually listens to people. So it's important to the reichwing to attack him on his genuineness.

Funny thing: young people don't fear technology. We (I'm speaking of youth as a attitude, not an age) don't fear tech. Teleprompters are obviously better than notecards, so why not use them?

Meanwhile, courtesy of John Aravosis on Americablog, we see some other examples of Telepromter use:

P.S. "Special Olympics" jokes? stupid and insensitive. And guess what: Obama figured that out right away, and apologized.

NO-ONE is perfect, but a real man admits his errors. Just like George W Bush didn't.